Explaining the Popularity of eSports
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    The phenomenon of eSports or professional video gaming has been spreading all over the world since the early 2000s. In the initial stage when eSports was just putting roots down, video games that attracted big attention globally were Warcraft III, Starcraft and of course the CS:GO.  Due to their worldwide popularity, these games were included in the initial eSports competitions organized mostly by amateurs who loved playing video games. The development of the eSports stagnated a bit after this period. However, in the period of the last five or so years, there is a renewed interests for eSports and professional video gaming.

    Availability of Games and Gaming Platforms

    If we are to look for the main reasons why eSports are just now gaining popularity all over the world, we can notice that one of the main reasons for that is the fact that video games as well as the platforms and consoles for playing video games have become much more present in the market. Besides that, the above mentioned things have become much more accessible for the players even for those that do not own gaming consoles because almost all game developing companies are now including PC versions of the games.

    Additionally, one reason for the renewed interest for the world of professional video gaming is the fact that players now have the opportunity to play a wider range of games using Steam and other similar services. In addition to this, many games that previously had to be bought with the introduction of these services became free which only increased popularity of the professional video gaming.

    Clever Management

    When discussing the reasons why eSports are just now gaining traction we need to mention that the new management of the companies that run the eSports competitions is much more efficient than the management of eSports back in 2000s. With some clever ideas and marketing strategies and solutions, the new management managed to gather some pretty big sponsors and in that way increased the amount of prize pool that professional players of video games could possibly win during one eSports tournament. Just look at what happened at the Dota 2 International that saw the prize pool rise all the way up to 20 million dollars.

    Development Solutions

    The final reason for the renewed popularity of eSports that we need to mention are developers and their development solutions that they have been using while creating video games. With the improvement in many different aspects such as animation, graphics, sound, characters, plot, modes and many other important video game features, they managed to provide more entertainment for the players and make the experience of playing video games much more fun than it used to be.

    eSports Are Growing Faster Than Ever

    Throughout the last five to seven years, the popularity of eSports has been increasing and today millions and millions of fans around the world are watching and participating in eSports industry and all thank to the reasons that we mentioned earlier in this article. The fact that the eSports industry is expected to reach $1 billion worth indicates that this industry is in fact on the right path of becoming one of the most popular entertainment industries in the world.

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