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    eSports is becoming one great industry with huge number of people involved in the dealing of the industry. With every year, the eSports industry is evolving and becoming one of the biggest growing industries in the world in recent years. More and more sponsors are recognizing the marketing potential of the eSports. The reason for that is that the number of players that participate at the eSports tournaments are growing bigger and bigger with every tournament that is being organized. The number of players is the real indicator how much eSports industry has grown throughout the years.


    eSports is one branch of economic sector that deals with the marketing, development and the sales of the video games and the equipment related to the video games. The numbers reveal that this industry is developing in many different disciplines as well as that huge number of people from all over the world are employed in some aspects of this industry. The eSports industry includes many traditional disciplines such as sales departments and marketing. However, this industry is also developing many industry specific disciplines that are coming into focus in recent years. Some of these disciplines are game testers, game designers, game artists, game programmers, game developer, game producers and many other disciplines.

    Just like almost every other industry in the world, the industry of eSports has developed its value chain. The value chain of this industry seems to be operating in six different stages. In the first stage, the development of new titles and securing licenses for the development of those new titles is conducted. In the second stage, artists, designers and most importantly developers are starting to do their part of the job. The third stage includes final touches that the production team must conduct before the release. In the fourth stage, the marketing department of the industry is conducting advertising and preparation for the release. The fifth stage requires securing the platforms that will provide support for the new titles and in the final, sixth, stage, the game is being released and the feedback from the players is expected. Besides giving professional gamers a chance to show what they know, the eSports industry has become industry that employs huge number of people all over the world.


    eSports market has proven throughout the years that it has great potential for growth. However, after initial skyrocketing increase in the size and the range of the market, in the last few years, the market of eSports is still growing much in much smaller rate than couple of years ago. However, that is completely expected because all successful industries go through periods of quick market increase after which that increase slows down. The great contribution to the market growth was the fact that in recent time there is debate about whether or not eSports can be classified as a real sport. The debate is still ongoing but the effects of the possibility that eSports might become a real sport are already seen in the number that this industry is generating.

    eSports' increase in popularity was also affected by the development and availability of the personal computers as well as the popularity and availability of video games. The market of eSports and the market of video games are interconnected and the growth of one market also means the growth of the other market. Because of that, when we talk about the eSports market we also talk about the video games market as well. The developing aspects of the computer and video games markets have also contributed to the growth of both markets. Better CPUs, graphics cards, 3D graphic accelerators, sounds cards, gaming consoles and many other aspects have made the experience of playing video games much more enjoyable and that is also the reason why the market of eSports is continually growing.


    According to the reports that are available online, many experts believe that the year 2016 will be much successful in comparison to some previous years. While the revenues of the eSports industry in 2015 were 400 million dollars, the experts are predicting that the revenue in 2016 for this industry will be higher for 25 percent and that it will be somewhere around 500 million dollars. The number of people who are participating in this industry by viewing the events or competing in the events will be higher than 150 million. Comparing the percent of revenue growth of eSports with other sports industries reveals that the eSports’ revenues growth percent will be significantly higher that the percents of any other professional sports. However, since eSports is also considered to be an entertainment industry, these numbers show that they are not impressive at all in comparison to other entertainment industries.

    According to the data from 2015, there were 112 major eSports tournaments and the revenue for only the tickets sale at those 112 tournaments was 20.6 million dollars. According to those data, the higher percentage of the income has come from the online advertising and it is the fastest selling discipline of this industry since 2014. However, in regards to the amount of money that the professional players have earned at tournaments we can see that those numbers are really impressive. More than 32,000 players have earned more than 263 million dollars. The total prize awarded at tournaments depends on the tournament. The tournament that had the biggest amount of prize money was The International 2016 that generated more than 20 million dollars for the prizes. The same tournament from 2015 holds the second place on the list of tournaments with the highest prizes with more than 18 million dollars. All of this indicates that the eSports market is a pretty lucrative business.

    Final Thoughts

    As it can be seen from the previous parts of this article, the phenomenon of eSports has moved from amateurism to professionalism long time ago. Besides that, it has become of the faster growing industries in the world with huge market and the annual revenues. Players, on the other hand, have also experienced befits of this growing industry. Prizes at the eSports tournament have significantly increased throughout the years and today the amount of amount given for the prizes is higher than in some professional sports such as tennis.

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