eSports Game Modes: Telling The Difference Between Tournaments, Ladders and Wagers
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    eSports competition platform sites often present players with a chance to prove their skills against equally tenacious counterparts. They have dozens of games to choose from and each of them is played by different rules, while having several game modes. However, there are three main types of competitions and they can generally be broken down to tournaments, ladders and challenges. Take in mind that different platforms might have different names for the modes, but the core of how they work should be the same. However, always check the specific rules of the competitions you take part in. 


    These competitions are the most demanding ones, with a limited number of players competing for a major trophy. Some of them are free, while others require players to pay a buy-in to participate. They can have a guaranteed prize pool or the most successful players receive prizes according to the money collected from buy-ins. Tournaments have brackets and the goal is to be the last man standing, to reap the biggest prizes.


    Ladders are also very challenging game modes offered by most eSports competition platform websites. Unlike tournaments, they don’t have brackets and players move up the ladder by winning matches and picking up points. These competitions last for a determined period of time and when they come to an end, players receive payouts based on their placement.

    Wagers and Challenges

    Wagers and Challenges are essentially the same thing, short and intense matches between players. The winner claims the amount the two players were fighting for in the first place. These are one-time gigs, but players can compete one-on-one or as a team. Challenges have the upside of being less time-consuming and more suitable for those players who have a busy schedule. The websites hosting Wagers sometimes take a cut, which represents a percentage of the amount that goes to the winner.


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