eSports and Bitcoin
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    eSports, one of the fastest growing entertainment industries in the world, has for a long time now been a place where people make a lot of money by professionally playing video games or through some other aspects. Over the years it has grown so much that now there are even reports that indicate that the value of the entire industry may be over 1 billion dollars per year by early 2017. With that in mind it is no wonder that in recent time we have witnesses several attempts of including bitcoins into the world of eSports and professional video gaming. Successful or not, the fact that there are efforts of including bitcoins indicates that some other aspects of the global economy have recognized the importance of eSports industry.

    Bitcoins, the most popular digital currency in the world, took the world by storm several years ago and in a very short period of time have become a very popular currency or method of payment in many different parts of economy. Even though some people are actually wondering why anyone should use this currency which is actually legitimate question, there are those who are strongly advocate the introduction of the bitcoins as the currency that will be used for the prize pool of the online tournaments.

    This might actually work, because online eSports tournaments are played by teams from all over the world and it might get complicated for them to convert the money they won into the currency of their country. For that reason, many are actually advocating gradual introduction of bitcoins into the world of eSports. Another reason why this might be a good idea is the fact that world is becoming more and more globalized and people are looking for the same methods and ways that they can use no matter from which country they are. In that sense, bitcoins would be a great solution because they would enable players from all over the world to use one and the same currency while playing online eSports tournaments.

    Bitcoin as an eSports Betting Tool

    One aspect in which bitcoins have actually become an integral part of the eSports is the betting on eSports matches and eSports tournaments. Bitcoins have for some time now been a standard currency when it comes betting on many sports competitions, including the eSports tournaments. When major betting services providers introduce the option of betting on eSports events it was considered to be a revolutionary move. However, after bitcoins became involved in that line of business it was considered to be even more revolutionary move. Now, bitcoins in eSports are example of successful integration of these two notions.

    A Bright Future For The Bitcoin

    Bitcoins and eSports most definitely have a future together. What still needs to be resolved are the aspects in which bitcoins can be applied in the world of eSports. Today, we are witnessing the increased demand for inclusion bitcoins in the world of eSports by players from all over the world because that would make the process of playing eSports tournaments much easier than it is now.

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