Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Beginner's Guide
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    CS:GO (Counter-Strike Global Offensive) is a massively popular MMO game that is both fun and rewarding. CS:GO is one of the most well-known online games today due its everlasting competitive FPS gameplay but like every other online game if you are new you will undoubtedly be a noob at it. Though Counter Strike has been around since the 1990’s players still love the game and keep coming back everyday. The guide is not for experienced players but is rather intended to provide new players with valuable tips and tricks about the game so that they can master the learning curve faster. 

    The Basics

    When playing online with other players it is crucial that you at least know what’s going on and what you have to do. Knowing where you should go, what to do after you join a server, how to plant the bomb are all questions that you need to know the answers for beforehand. If you’ve ever played a Counter Strike game before you should at least know what the basics of the game are. If you are completely new to the game then it is highly recommended to play a couple of rounds locally with bots to learn the basics, like where do you plant the bomb, how to choose weapons, how to send message to team mates, and familiarize yourself with the basic game elements. 

    Forget the Old Mechanics 

    If you’ve ever player a Counter Strike 1.6 before you are probably thinking you’ll do pretty great in CS:GO but unfortunately it’s not the easy.  CS:GO takes a lot from its predecessors and most of the amps are almost identical but it also adds a variety of new features and changes that you are unaccustomed to. The most notable difference you’ll feel is that the shooting and aiming mechanics are a lot different compared to previous games. This means that you will have to master stopping, jumping, shooting and strafing again from the beginning. A good practice when starting out is to keep your crosshair kept at head height so that you can deliver headshots with precision. As you progress and get a better grasp on the games mechanics you will be able to incorporate jumping and strafing in your play style giving you the competitive edge you need to not suck at it. 

    Aiming & Shooting Isn’t that Simple

    Unlike other FPS games, in CS:GO shooting and aiming isn’t that simple. Unlike Call of Duty and Battlefield recoil plays a much bigger role in CS:GO. When you shoot someone in CS:GO your crosshair moves due to the recoil rather than just staying in one place. Aiming and shooting gets even more difficult when you are moving due to the recoil being increased by your momentum. A good practice for new players to avoid this particular issue is using the “Burst Mode”. There are two shooting modes in CS:GO Auto and Burst. In the auto mode you can press the shoot button once and the gun will keep firing this naturally means that your aim will be all over the place and the chances of you hitting the enemy will reduce drastically.

    On the other hand, even if you keep holding the button the burst mode only fires a couple of rounds. This helps make the aim more precise and raises your chances of shooting the enemy. The auto mode can be very useful to experienced players, who can also use it to shoot their own controlled bursts, but since you are starting out stick with the burst mode to get a better understanding on how shooting and aiming works.

    Know The Map 

    Anyone who has played CS:GO or any Counter Strike game for that matter online knows that De_Dust 2 is the most  played and popular map in the game. It happens too many times that a new player joins the server and has absolutely no idea where things are, naturally. Players like this end up inconveniencing the entire team, especially when they are the ones with the bomb or defusal kit. So it is crucial that you play popular maps at least 2 or 3 times locally to carefully explore them to get a better understanding where good camping spots are and where the bomb sites. Overpass and inferno are popular maps as well which you should definitely play and familiarize yourself with.

    Another thing you want to learn about is how to read the map. Much like other FPS games you get a small map that shows you the activity of your teammates. You need to pay careful attention to the map because you can learn a lot about where an enemy is heading and where they were last spotted when one of you teammates comes in contact with them.  

    What Weapon Should I Choose? 

    When you start playing CS:GO you will find that the game has a lot of weapons that are really similar. Many new players tend to go for the shotguns and submachine guns more often because of their high damage and fire rate. This is a common mistake, because each weapon has its own distinct advantage and players need to know where these advantages will actually benefit them; so picking a gun just because you think it will be “better” without actually knowing it is not the best course of action.
    With that said, shotguns should only be used in close combat areas in which you need to take your enemy out fast. On the other hand, submachine guns should be all around avoided by newbies mainly due to them being so difficult to control.  You can keep shooting but you are likely not to damage anyone if you don’t have a proper control on aiming and cancelling out the effects of recoil. 

    OK, I want to be a Sniper then!

    Wondering about playing with a sniper as a newbie? Don’t.

    Playing as a sniper requires a lot of practice and experience which you clearly lack as a fresh noob. Even if you used to play as a sniper in previous CS games or COD games you will soon find that these skills don’t amount to much in CS:GO. So just which weapons do you use? Simple, the M4 and the AK-47 are the default guns for each team. These weapons are the simplest to use, most effective at mid and long ranges as well as being great entry level and pro level weapons.   

    Never Ignore The Melee

    Possibly the most common mistakes newbies make is entirely ignoring the melee and its benefits. Most new players tend to try and take their enemies out by shooting – even when they are standing literally in front of their face. The melee can prove to be extremely beneficial when you are trying to sneak up on an enemy, trying to take them out from the behind and especially when you are caught reloading by an enemy. It may come as a surprise but there are players in CS:GO that have centered their play style on melee and secondary weapons and these players have managed to rank real high. 

    Choose a Play Style 

    In CS:GO every experienced player has their unique style of playing but they can be vastly categorized in to 4 main play styles.  

    •    Assault 
    •    Support 
    •    Camper 
    •    Sniper 

    As the names indicate an assault play style is in which you attack the enemy, in the support style you tag along with other player/s, as a sniper you play as the sniper, and as a camper you patiently hide in certain spots (mostly around the bomb site) in wait for enemies to pass by you so that you can dispose of them without them noticing. Naturally there are many more play styles but when starting out you should stick to a support style gameplay so that you aren’t left entirely alone. 

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