Becoming A Pro Gamer: The Path To A Professional eSports Career
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    There used to be a time when gaming was just a pastime and entertainment for all who engaged in it and there was really nothing more to it. However, the internet changed everything as competitive gaming became more and more interesting for people to not only play but also watch.

    As we are used to, the moment there is an audience who will watch anything, big money instantly begins to make an appearance and it was no different with gaming. Over the past decade, competitive gaming went from something that people did to have some fun and compete against their friends to a global phenomenon with a huge fan base and massive potential profits.

    Professional eSports Organizations

    Early on, clans of players used to form online and play together for the fun of it. With time though, as gaming became a lucrative opportunity, rich people began investing money and forming teams of professional players who actually get paid salaries just to play video games.

    Today, if you are truly good at a popular competitive video game such as League of Legends , DOTA 2 or Counter Strike: Global Offensive, there is a good chance that you can sign a deal with one of these teams and earn substantial money to play with them and compete in professional tournaments.

    Playing in a professional eSports team can be a very good deal for young players, as they get to travel the world, compete against other players for huge sums of money and actually be seen as superstars among thousands of fans of the eSport they compete in.

    So What Does It Take?

    To those looking from the sidelines, it may seem that being a professional eSports player is an easy thing and anyone can do it. However, despite not taking any physical training like other sports, being a professional eSports player does actually take a lot of other things.

    For starters, it takes many hundreds of hours of gameplay in any eSport to reach a level where you can even being to think about competing at any significant level. The sheer experience of professional players is overwhelming for the less experienced players and it is nearly impossible for a group of amateurs to beat any professional team.

    Furthermore, being a professional gamer takes a lot of discipline both during competitions and during training as it can be easy to get complacent and not improve your skills for some time while others are getting better. The truly successful eSports player train and work hard all year round to be on their best game when the big tournaments come.

    Motivation is a big part of things in eSports like in any sport. This is also likely the place where most professional players fail as their youth and lack of proper guidance lead to them losing motivation, especially after winning huge tournaments and gaining instant glory. We can expect this to change as eSports get bigger and the organizations behind them become more serious about treating their players like any other sports stars.

    Can I Do It?

    If you are an overall intelligent person and enjoy spending time playing video games, there is little reason you can’t be a professional eSports player. However, the path to success in this area can be extremely difficult and riddled with mental obstacles that are very hard to overcome.

    If this is something you truly want, you will need to find ways to motivate yourself and constantly improve your game of choice in order to actually become good. If you are willing to invest yourself fully, the world of eSports is waiting for you and there is certainly a place for you under the sky in a still fledgling and ever growing industry.

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