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      How to Join a DOTA 2 Tournament

      How-to | Intermidate
      There are plenty of DOTA 2 tournaments out there with prizes to be won - learn how to take part in one yourself.

      How to Become an eSports Player?

      How-to | Newbies
      Becoming an eSports player is not a complex thing to achieve - here are the steps needed to be taken in order for one to become one.

      How to Become a Pro Gamer?

      How-to | Newbies
      Becoming a full-on pro gamer is not as simple as it may sound - read about the basics needed in order to become one.

      Is eSports Ready to Make it to Prime Time TV?

      Industry | Newbies
      eSports now enjoy the recognition and coverage they deserve on TV, but the core of dedicated players is expected to stick to the Internet when watching professional games.

      What Makes a Good eSports Team?

      Industry | Newbies
      The best eSports teams are worth tens of millions of dollars and the professional organizations they belong to, cover all popular video games.

      The Largest and Highest Paying eSports Leagues

      Industry | Newbies
      eSports leagues are the gateways to glory, worldwide recognition and huge prizes for the best professional videogame players.

      eSports Game Modes - The Present and Future

      Industry | Newbies
      The eSports industry overwhelmingly prefers symmetrical game modes to keep things perfectly fair, at the expense of more creative modes.

      Understanding Real Money eSports Competitions

      Industry | Newbies
      eSports tournaments for real money act as a bridge between amateur and professional videogame players, by providing the former with a chance to win cash.

      eSports Game Modes: Telling The Difference Between Tournaments, Ladders and Wagers

      Industry | Newbies
      At first, common competitive eSports modes can seem quite confusing - but that isn't the case at all. Read our guide to understand the differences between the modes.

      The Art of Hosting Video Game Tournaments

      Industry,Tips,How-to | Advanced
      Hosting video game tournaments is no joke, and should not be taken lightly at all. Read our tips on the basics of what an organizer needs to keep in mind.

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