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      League of Legends Guide: Learning the Basics

      Tips | Newbies
      League of Legends is one of the most popular MOBA games that is featured in the eSports events and competitions all over the world. This guide will introduce you to the basic elements of the game and basic strategies for playing this game.

      Becoming A Pro Gamer: The Path To A Professional eSports Career

      How-to | Intermidate
      Becoming a professional gamer can be lucrative, yet it is not without obstacles. Read more and find out if you have what it takes to be a professional eSports player.

      What is eSports?

      Industry | Newbies
      What was once an activity used to spend time with friends now became an activity through which young people are able to earn millions of dollars.

      eSports History

      Industry | Newbies
      During the 70s and 80s years of the previous century, video gaming as a phenomenon became more and more present in the mainstream media.

      eSports FAQ

      Industry | Newbies
      From eSports tournaments and ladders to major leagues and media coverage, some of the more frequent eSports questions answered.

      Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Beginner's Guide

      Tips | Newbies
      Learn the ropes in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to get killed a little less as you start out and not get overwhelmed, using these simple tips.

      Explaining the Popularity of eSports

      Industry | Newbies
      Video games have been popular for many decades, yet eSports have only started to develop lately. The reasons for this are numerous, but it is certain that the growth of internet and online gaming has been the principle reason for this fast growth of eSports as an industry over the last decade.

      What Makes a Game Suitable for eSports?

      Industry | Newbies
      With thousands of video games available, many may be asking the question of why not all of them are eSports. The reasons for this are simple, as not every game has what it takes to become a competitive sport. The amazing blend of simple goals and complicated strategies are only met by a handful of games which inevitably do make it into the eSports scene.

      Where Can I Experience eSports Online?

      How-to | Newbies
      eSports competitions can be experienced in live arenas around the globe, but this is normally only available to the top teams. For all the others and those aspiring to reach the top, a number of online eSports platforms are available to hone your skills and get the much needed experience.

      eSports and Bitcoin

      Industry | Newbies
      Bitcoin has been growing in popularity over the last couple of years, and the popular virtual currency is finding ways of entering the eSports industry as well. We are seeing a rising number of online tournaments with Bitcoin prize pools and Bitcoin betting on eSports is becoming more present by the day.

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