WWE 2K18

    WWE 2K18 is the latest professional wrestling simulator developed by Video Concepts and Yuke’s. The game was published by 2K Sports, the same company that was behind the previous games in the franchise. As the 19th installment, it can be played on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles as well as PCs powered by Microsoft Windows. The developers have announced their intention of also releasing a version for Nintendo Switch. This makes it the first game in the series available on this platform.

    Gameplay of WWE 2K18

    The WWE 2K18 gameplay was slightly changed to accommodate more players and increase the fun factor. Given the very nature of wrestling, developers found it worthwhile to allow players to use as many as 8 fighters in a single match. Significant changes were made to the Royal Rumble match, which now benefits from elimination sequences, new finishers and unique mechanics.

    Action unfolds at a faster pace and players can now drag opponents and pick them up faster and with deadly accuracy. A bundle of new animations have been added to enhanced the gameplay and keep it fresh. Some of the most important game modes that were added to the latest installment are Create-An-Arena and Create-A-Match. In the single player mode, players can form alliances with fellow athletes and build fierce rivalries with some of their counterparts.

    WWE 2K18 Graphics and Sounds

    WWE 2K18 athletes look very much alike to their live counterparts, which makes the game more authentic, therefore exciting. The new graphics engine also supports superior camera systems, better textures, character models and lightning. Much of the charm of wrestling consists in the way crowds cheer for their favorites, as well as the athletes’ entrance in the arena. All these sounds make players feel like being present at a real wrestling match in front of a packed stadium.


    WWE 2K18 is arguably the best looking wrestling simulator ever made and visually it is a significant improvement from the previous game. Developers have also made significant changes to the gameplay to keep the latest installment fresh and competitive. The single player campaign is relatively short, but features just enough new elements to make it exciting.

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