WWE 2K17
    WWE 2K17 greatly expands its roasters of professional wrestlers to more than 130 characters and enhances the gameplay by adding new features and mechanics.

    WWE 2K17 is a pro-wrestling video game developed for PlayStation and Xbox by Visual Concepts. Published by 2K Sports in 2016, it is the 18th installment in the series and one of the most original. It features more professional athletes than any of its predecessors and had its gameplay overhauled.

    WWE 2K17 Gameplay

    Work on WWE 2K17 started immediately after the previous installment was released. The emphasis was on changing the gameplay enough to keep players hooked, while greatly expanding the roster. A few of these wrestlers are restricted to those who preorder the game, but most are available to all players. The addition of new wrestlers goes beyond the visuals, as each of them comes with original moves.

    Players have an easier time moving around the ring and engaging opponents is more realistic. The many gameplay changes have matches look less scripted and players are invited to get creative in the ring. Furthermore, WWE 2K17 has several game modes and each of them has a different victory condition. There is more than one way of achieving goals and this ensures the game replayability.

    WWE 2K17 Graphics and Sounds

    The game succeeds in creating a similar atmosphere as the one in real wrestling arenas. It does so by offering better graphics and convincing animations that re-create the trademark moves of professional wrestlers. There are more than 130 superstars to control here and in most cases, the resemblance is uncanny. The original score and the presentation of wrestlers as they step inside the ring help players get immersed into the pro-wrestling atmosphere.


    WWE 2K17 is not only the best game in the series, but also a significant improvement from its predecessor. The single player campaign is exciting and provides wrestling fans with a chance to win major trophies. Except for some latency issues in multiplayer, PvP matches are competitive and enable players to showcase their skills.

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    Game:WWE 2K17
    Official Site: wwe.2k.com
    AKA: W2K17
    Release Date: 10/11/16
    Series: WWE 2K
    Studios: Visual Concepts, Yuke's
    Publishers: 2K Sports
    Genre: Sports, Fighting
    Modes: Single-player, Multiplayer
    Games in Series: W2K15 W2K16
    Image credit: 2K Sports

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