WWE 2K16
    WWE 2K16 is a wrestling simulator from 2K Games, famous for its fun gameplay and the ability to recreate some of the iconic moves.

    2K Sports have been feeding us one after another fantastic sports simulations for years and the 2015 released WWE2K16 certainly falls into that category. As far as fighting simulations go, 2K Sports have done an excellent job of coming as close as possible to the real thing, while still making the game pleasurable and fun to play.
    An astounding roster of wrestlers, multiple exciting game modes and fantastic details and cut scenes make for an amazing gameplay experience which is only somewhat harmed by the slight glitches the game is still experiencing.

    WWE2K16 Gameplay

    The amazingly crafted reversals system is what WWE2K16 is really all about. The player is forced to manage the system in such a way that makes every decision they make important and the game has moved as far away from the arcade and deep into the simulation territory as possible.

    Another excellent gameplay feature are the working holds, which can be used by the players to help their wrestler gain back their lost stamina and are normally used by real world wrestlers to catch their breaths. The game is all about restoring your resources and the strategy behind finding the time for it to happen makes using working holds tremendously important.
    Other ways of distracting your opponent and catching your breath now also carry more importance and the player will often find themselves stepping away from a fight for a second in order to get their resources back to a good level. All of this makes the game more realistic and in sync with what real wrestling is all about.

    WWE2K16 Graphics, Modes and Roster

    In most cases, WWE2K16 delivers a wonderful graphical spectacle. From entry scenes to wrestler details, most graphics are very well made, with only a few glitches that remain to be fixed in a patch. When it comes to the gameplay modes and the wrestlers roster, they are both more expansive than ever and the fans of the game got their wishes to come true with the latest additions.

    The biggest problem of WWE2K16 is that it is a fighting simulation and if we will be frank, the genre of games has simply not yet reached a point where we want it to be. How far 2K Sports can go in developing the genre remains to be seen, but we can expect WWE2K to be on the forefront of this development as it happens.

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    Game:WWE 2K16
    Official Site: wwe.2k.com
    AKA: W2K16
    Release Date: 10/27/15
    Series: WWE 2K
    Studios: Visual Concepts, Yuke's
    Publishers: 2K Sports
    Genre: Sports, Fighting
    Modes: Single-player, Multiplayer
    Games in Series: W2K17 W2K15
    Image credit: 2K Sports
    Image credit: 2K Sports
    Image credit: 2K Sports

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