World of Warcraft
    World Of Warcraft is the best MMORPG of all time and the first installment in the famous franchise, with a huge open world to explore.

    First published in 2004, World Of Warcraft is an absolute gaming phenomenon. Unlike any other game out there, WoW has survived for years on the biggest stage and not only survived but thrived. Through the numerous expansions published in those many years, Blizzard Entertainment have managed to develop a vast world full of treasures, mythic encounters with dragons, demigods and demons and a host of other exciting in-game content. The intricate gameplay which requires an extensive number of commands only allows the game to exist in a PC version and no console versions have ever been attempted.

    For a game to keep its allure for so many years and for players to keep paying monthly subscription to it month after month, developers need to continually provide engaging new content and Blizzard have always delivered. 2016 saw the the introduction of the new “Legion” expansion has once again risen the game to new heights, making hundreds of thousands of fans come back for some more.

    World Of Warcraft Gameplay

    If there is one game that offers a variety of gameplay, it is World Of Warcraft. The game is a classic MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role playing game) that puts us in a role of one of the many heroes of the mythical world of Azeroth. The original story continued where Warcraft III ended, and has since developed to great lengths, with many characters from the original series dead and many others still playing a crucial part.

    WoW is a game of endless gameplay options. From initial choices such as which of the two faction, thirteen races and twelve classes the player wishes to play, to more advanced talents and professions we get to choose as we progress through the game, World Of Warcraft offers the most extensive character building process ever seen in an RPG game.

    Currently, the game lets players take every single class from level 1 to level 110 through an extensive series of quests and events that will take literally hundreds of hours to complete if you choose to go slow and explore the entire world. Throughout the game, you will learn to use the classes and earn rewards, gear and talents and acquire professions such as alchemy, blacksmithing and tailoring all of which have their own separate progression lines as well.

    Once the players hit peak level, you would think the game is over, but for the most serious of players, WoW only starts at top level. Ever since the original game, Blizzard have given much of their efforts to developing the end game content, which keep top level characters competing in the game for a long time after hitting level cap.

    End game scenarios, dungeons and raids of varying levels of difficulty make playing with other players exciting and challenging even for the best players, and there is plenty of room to make the characters more powerful than just simply being maximum level, through acquiring the end game gear necessary to defeat even more difficult enemies. Some of the end game content in fact, can only be beaten by highly developed max level characters, with months of preparation needed at times to acquire full sets of gear necessary for the combat.

    If you prefer combating other players instead of destroying scripted bosses alongside them, WoW has plenty to offer as well. The game includes extensive PVP that spans through Battlegrounds and Arenas. While Battlegrounds offer massive scale PVP combat for teams, Arenas are where PVP players in WoW truly come to their own and compete at the highest level as this is where players can best show full mastery of their class and the understanding of how all other classes work and how to best fight them.

    Overall speaking, there is literally no end to the amount of time a player can spend playing World Of Warcraft, as it presents the most extensive game world currently in existence. It would take tens of pages only to list all the possible things you can do with a character in WoW, from collecting herbs, to destroying mighty elemental creatures, from flying on birds, riding elephants and creating very own sets of armor out of rare metals found in the depths of the world’s mountains and from combatting alongside comrades against the undead scourge to slaughtering them in gladiator arenas.

    If you enjoy role playing games and are a fan of the fantastic worlds such as those of Game of Thrones or Lord of The Rings, World of Warcraft is a game that will never grow old and its only danger is the possible consumption of all other aspects of life, as coupled with its social element, WoW can easily end up taking a lot more time than you can realistically afford to spend on gaming.

    World Of Warcraft Graphics And Sounds

    When it was first released back in 2004, WoW was already a visual masterpiece, featuring an expansive world unlike anything before it and despite its cartoonish graphics, everything from the world details to monsters and spell effects already looked fantastic.

    One expansion after another, WoW soon became a visual spectacle, and with Legion released it now looks even better than ever, with even more cut scenes and even better animations. Likewise, the sound in the game is done absolutely masterfully, in line with some of the best epic spectacles we could see in the cinemas over the past decade. Everything from combat sounds, character voices and the background music will give a true sense of the heroic and epic nature the game is meant to have.

    World Of Warcraft Expansions

    To date, Blizzard Entertainment have released six expansion packs for World of Warcraft. The players waited three years to see the first of them, which was released in 2007, dubbed The Burning Crusade. Wrath of The Lich King, Cataclysm, Mists of Pandaria, Warlords of Draenor and Legion followed it in the years to come, with the latest only hitting the shelves earlier this year.

    Every expansion released so far also contained several free content patches, which further developed the story and introduced new raids, dungeons and events. Expansions raise the level cap on a regular basis, usually introducing a new continent to the game as well, with zones for the new levels to be achieved in.

    World of Warcraft certainly owes all of its longevity to the extensive number of expansions created and the fact that not a single one of them was ever a complete flop, which goes far in showing what kind of a company Blizzard Entertainment is when it comes to creating games, especially RPGs.


    Overall speaking, World of Warcraft is by far the most successful game of all times. Not only has it sold millions of copies of each and every expansion pack but it continues to generate millions in subscription revenue month after month.

    When it comes to eSports segment of things, WoW regularly hosts Arena Tournaments with hundreds of thousands in prize money awarded. Tournaments are regularly hosted at the yearly Blizzcon, while American and European Championships have also gotten a lot of attention.

    World of Warcraft may very well be the absolute best video game of all time, offering by far the most in-game content, complex gameplay and background story and more than enough excitement and fun for just about any player profile.

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