Vainglory is a multiplayer online battle arena video game playable on mobile devices, with a great looking battleground and amazing heroes.

    Vainglory is the video game that was developed and released by Super Evil Megacorp. Initially, in 2014, the game was released for iOS devices. However, one year later Super Evil Megacorp released the version of the game for Android devices as well. This game can be placed in a category of MOBA games or multiplayer online battle arena video games. The main objective of the game is to destroy the enemy base by controlling the path that connects the bases. The game is played between two teams with three players each. The game provides the possibility to play as 27 different heroes and the number of the heroes is constantly rising because developers are adding new heroes with every new upgrade.


    As we have already mentioned Vainglory is the MOBA game and in many ways it resembles others more popular games such as League of Legends and Dota 2. However, one difference between these games is that Vainglory is only developed for mobile devices and not for consoles and gaming platforms. The objective of the game is to destroy the enemy's base but in doing so teams cannot forget to defend their own base. Besides the path that is one battle ground, the jungle that surrounds the path is also full of creatures that can be killed and captured which players can use to increase their skills and abilities.

    The game offers two modes of playing. The first mode is the Standard mode. When playing in this game players will be able to have the access to the entire map. This mode also provides the ranking system and players will be able to increase their ranking by playing the game in Standard mode. The second mode of the game is called the Battle Royale. In this mode, all the distracting elements of the game have been removed and the battle is fought only on the path between two bases. In this mode, the game is much faster due to the limitation of the field in which the battle takes places.

    One of the advantages of this game in comparison to other MOBA games out there is the fact the duration of a single battle is limited to 20 minutes. Well, it is not limited in the literal sense of the word, but if after 20 minutes none of the teams has destroyed the enemy base a huge monster appears and if none of the teams manage to control it, it will destroy the opponent's base which gives huge advantage to the other team. In regards to the characters or heroes as they are called in this game, they can be classified in three groups and those are Warrior, Killer and Sniper. These heroes make players think hard before selecting the hero because in order to play as a team the selection of heroes must be compatible. The knowledge and skills that players have from playing League of Legends or some other similar games will not be useful very much when playing Vainglory.

    One of the problems that some players might have when playing this game is bugs that might cause players to lose the battles that they have already seen as won. This might be irritating for some players. However, it is possible to solve these issues and it most definitely will be solved in future versions of the game. Another problem with this game is the fact that it demands spending real money a lot. In order to buy certain hero with in-game currency you will have to win in a lot of battles. We cannot but to think that this was done on purpose in order to make players spend 10 dollars in order to buy a hero without having to win in many battles.  However, it must be said that even if you do not spend a dime playing in this game you will still be able to fully enjoy the game and you will have the ability to access all the features as players who actually spend some real money in this game.

    In regards to the issues that need and that could be improved in some of the future installments we must mention that the explanation of the items as well as the explanation of the monsters that can be found in the jungle surrounding the path between the bases. Besides that, another aspects that needs improvement is the emote systems that is by far inferior to the some other MOBA games such as Dota 2 or League of Legends. Another small issue with this game that it does not clearly indicate which hero from the opposing teams has been killed and it just states that the enemy has been killed. Because of that, it might be hard to adjust the tactics and strategy because you do not know which hero has been killed. However, the amazing graphics, interface that is among the best ones and the stunning amount of the strategies and possibilities make Vainglory the game with one of the biggest potential in the market. The game is also friendly towards those players who have not yet played any MOBA games and there will be no problem for those players to adjust to the game very quickly.


    You rarely ever expect a game for mobile devices to be an amazing experience. However, that was the case before the release of Vainglory. Knowing that the team that developed this game is the team that brought us the installments of some of the best MOBA games in the world such as League of Legends makes us very exciting to play this game. According to the feedback from the player this is not yet another MOBA game. It is much more and it has a great potential to reach the levels of other games such as Dota 2 and League of Legends. Even though the game is displaying certain issues that honestly need to be repaired it is still the best MOBA game that is available for mobile devices.

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