UNO is a simple and exciting computer game based on the core mechanics of the UNO card game, offering several options and game modes.

    Uno is a video game that was developed and released by joined effort from Carbonated Games and Microsoft Game Studios. The game was released in 2006 and it was initially available only for Xbox 360. However, couple of years later, in 2008, Gameloft released the version of this game for the iOS devices and one year later, the same developing company released the version of this game for WiiWare,

    PlayStation Portable and DSiWare. In 2016, Ubisoft developed and released the version of this game for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 while the version for Microsoft Windows will be released later in 2016.

    The latest version of the game that was released by Ubisoft managed successfully to replicate the aspects of the UNO card game that made it so popular in the world. One of the new things that Ubisoft has introduced in the latest version is different design of the cards. There are several options for a player to choose in regards to the mode of the game. One option is to choose a solo match in which a player will play against the AI competitors or an online friend.

    The second option is to play the game in online battle in which a player will play against three other players. Both of these game modes proved to be without any issues and without any glitches that might affect the game itself.

    In general, Ubisoft managed to transfer the charms of the UNO card game to the latest version of the UNO video game. For those players who want to play the game with their friends it will be a good experience because Ubisoft’s version allows many different moves just like the real UNO card game unlike some other versions of the UNO video game. One change that Ubisoft made is that they removed the option of live chat which would make this game a safe choice for kids as well.

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    Official Site: ubisoft.com
    AKA: UNO
    Release Date: 05/09/06
    Series: Uno
    Studios: Gameloft, Carbonated Games
    Publishers: Gameloft, Microsoft Corporation, Microsoft Studios, Ubisoft
    Genre: Cards
    Modes: Single-player, Multiplayer

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