TrackMania Nations Forever
    The TrackMania Nations Forever racing video game adds new tracks, spirited multiplayer modes and customizable environments for the fans of the series.

    TrackMania Nations Forever is a sequel to the popular TrackMania, a driving video game developed by Nadeo and published in 2008. It captures the very essence of the original, while enhancing the single player experience with 65 new tracks. These progressively difficult challenges keep players at the edge of their seats and provide them with the impetus to persevere.

    TrackMania Nations Forever has an engaging multiplayer featuring new game modes and accommodating more players. The new release in the series is actually an expansion pack, but the content is brand-new and looks different. The core game mechanics were improved and made more challenging, with players competing at breakneck speeds. In both single-player and multiplayer the racetracks are littered with obstacles such as jumps, drops, barriers and loops.

    One of the best things about TrackMania Nations Forever is that it greatly expands the gaming environment. In addition to the classic Stadium which was revamped and given a new name, players will drive their cars on new tracks. Enthusiastic track designers will spend just as much time customizing the races as driving the speedy vehicles. Players have the option of competing during the day or night, on conventional tracks, or explore the off-road segment.

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    Game:TrackMania Nations Forever
    Official Site: trackmaniaforever.com
    AKA: TM Nations
    Release Date: 04/16/08
    Series: TrackMania
    Studios: Nadeo
    Publishers: Ubisoft, Digital Jesters, Focus, Enlight
    Genre: Racing
    Modes: Single-player, Multiplayer, Online multiplayer
    Games in Series: TM2
    Image credit: Ubisoft, Nadeo
    Image credit: Ubisoft, Nadeo
    Image credit: Ubisoft, Nadeo

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