TrackMania 2 Stadium
    TrackMania 2 Stadium is a sequel of the popular game produced by Nadeo in 2006, featuring exciting single player trials and a competitive online leaderboard.

    TrackMania 2 Stadium is a remake of the TrackMania Nations released in 2006. The game was developed by Nadeo, the creators of the entire series and it hit the stores on June 20, 2013. Before the official release, players had the chance to test the game in open beta.

    Trackmania 2 Stadium Gameplay

    The single player campaign presents players with the opportunity to learn the ropes while feeling like they do something meaningful. The TrackMania 2 Stadium gameplay hasn’t changed much from its predecessor, but the controls are more responsive. Cars are easier to steer and the tracks not only look great, but also make the entire racing experience more authentic. The game also marks the return of the track editor, with very few changes, but more tunnels, hence more underground action.

    Trackmania 2 Stadium Graphics and Sounds

    TrackMania 2 Stadium extracted an astonishing amount from its otherwise dated technology. Developers paid more attention to the visuals and sound effects, at the expense of customization. It is no longer possible to turn the shadows off as in the original game. On the flipside, the game required less resources and would run smoothly even on less powerful PCs. Despite the better graphics, sometimes cars look too bright and players have a hard time adjusting to the darkness of tunnels.


    TrackMania 2 Stadium was regarded as a major step forward from its predecessors, in terms of graphics. The gameplay however felt strangely similar and the few features added were not enough to please the hardcore fans of the franchise. The replayability of the game developed by Nadeo is guaranteed by the track editor which makes up for the otherwise limited content.

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    Game:TrackMania 2 Stadium
    Official Site: maniaplanet.com
    AKA: TM2
    Release Date: 02/27/13
    Series: TrackMania
    Studios: Nadeo
    Publishers: Ubisoft
    Genre: Racing
    Modes: Single-player, Multiplayer, Online multiplayer
    Games in Series: TM Nations
    Image credit: Ubisoft, Nadeo
    Image credit: Ubisoft, Nadeo

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