Titanfall is a first-person shooter where players can control mechanical fighting robots called Titans as well as their pilots in a fast, continual action.

    One of the biggest names, pun intended, of 2014 in the video gaming world was Titanfall, a video game that was developed by Respawn Entertainment. As mentioned before, the game was released in 2014 by Electronic Arts. The game was released for different gaming platforms and consoles such as Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows. The expectation for this game before the release were really high because the team that developed Titanfall was actually the team that developed probably the biggest franchise in video games world, the Call of Duty franchise. The main premise of the game revolves around the pilots who are able to control the Titans, mechanical fighting robots and their battles in space colonies. The pace of the game is set to be fast with continual action. Titanfall is one of the best games that has ever been released. The arguments for this statement can be found in the number of rewards that the game received throughout the years, including the E3 Critics Award that the game received soon after the release.

    Titan Drop

    The game is played through the first-person perspective and the game can be characterized as a first-person shooter game. The locations in which the action of the game takes place are war-torn and run down colonies at the Frontier fringe of space. What is the most interesting about this game is that only provides online multiplayer mode. However, when playing online in that mode you will notice that this mode also provides some of the elements of the single-player mode. Among those elements are dialogue, non-player characters or NPCs, plot and plot development. The game begins when 12 players at maximum select the type of pilots or characters and after that they get dropped on the map and the game begins. One of the main reasons why this game is so effective and dynamic is the fact that the maps have been developed seriously well and those maps are without any boring elements that might reduce the quality of the game or the experience of playing this game.

    The use of Titans is limited. You cannot at any moment call up the Titans and used them. In order to summon the Titan certain amount of time would have to pass between the uses. The timer countdowns backwards and only after the timer has counted to zero you will have the option of using Titans. However, by killing your enemies the amount of time that needs to passes for you use Titans is getting reduced. The first thing that you will notice after buying the game and when trying to download the game is the fact that installation is almost 50 Gb big which is one of the biggest installations that we have ever seen in game like this.  After installation you will be provided by the tutorial video of what it means to be the pilot and how to actually pilot the Titans. You have the option to skip this part but it would be wise to go through that tutorial in order to find out how to run on walls or how to jump really hard. The game is really fast. There is no useless walking or wandering in order to arrive at the battle front. In this game, that can be achieved by three or four really big jumps. The game provides really impressive freedom of movement whose limits basically do not exist especially if you decide to move on your own without your mechanical companion.

    Game Modes

    Titanfall offers five different modes in which this game can be played. In our opinion, the most interesting mode is the mode called Attrition. Attrition mode is actually the Team Deathmatch mode that has become a standard option in the first-person shooter game. With that being said it is clear that Attrition is the mode in which two teams play against each other in an effort to destroy the other team. Besides Attrition, very popular mode is also a mode called Hardpoint Domination and when playing in this mode you will have to capture and protect the control points. The third most popular mode in this game is Pilot Hunter and it is a standard deathmatch mode in which two teams of six players fight each other. Some feedback said that the 12 players is really a small number for this kind of game. However, while playing the game you will only notice that the number of players is felt the most in the Pilot Hunter mode.


    It must be said that the expectations that both critics and gamers had before the release of this game was almost completely fulfilled which came as no surprise knowing what team actually developed the game. Even though that one issue with this game is the lack of offline playing mode, the game provides more than enough features in the online mode for every fan of the first-person shooter games.

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    Official Site: titanfall.com
    Release Date: 03/11/14
    Series: Titanfall
    Studios: Respawn Entertainment
    Publishers: Electronic Arts
    Genre: First-person shooter
    Modes: Multiplayer
    Games in Series: TITANFALL II
    Image credit: EA Electronic Arts
    Image credit: EA Electronic Arts
    Image credit: EA Electronic Arts

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