Team Fortress 2
    Team Fortress 2 is one of the most popular team-based games, encouraging teamplay with different unique roles for players.

    Team Fortress 2 is the sequel of the game that introduced the class-based multiplayer games on the gaming map. This game was developed and released by Valve Corporation that also introduced the first Team Fortress game. Team Fortress 2 was introduced back in 2007 and only few games are able to have such longevity to last almost the entire decade. Team Fortress 2 has managed to do exactly that. The reason for that is the fact that Team Fortress 2 provides its players with the lively and creative solutions for the game as well as the creative community that players can use while playing this game.

    Game Modes

    In this game, two teams are facing each other in a battle and in an effort to win points, steal a briefcase or move a cart. The main objective of this game cannot be clearer. The player is able to play in nine different classes and that is what makes playing this game interesting. The demoman, the scout, the soldier, the engineer, the medic, the sniper, the militant, the spy and the pyro are all classes that player can choose from to play this game. All of these classes have some unique weapons and abilities that players can use when facing other players in their face-to-face match. One of the main reasons why Team Fortress 2 is one of the longest living games in the world is the fact that the battles between players are very interesting due to the many different options that players have at their disposal in regards to tactics, makeup of the team and most importantly unpredictability.

    After the release, Team Fortress 2 was one of the widespread games that were critically acclaimed by huge number of players. One of the game's aspects that was critically acclaimed the most was the graphics of the game that was done in cartoon-style. Besides this aspect, the second aspect that received a very big critical acclaim are actually the modes that the game is offering for the players as well as the balance of the game and the game's design in general. Besides being one of the best games for one-on-one battles, Team Fortress 2 also received many awards throughout the years for its multiplayer gameplay and those rewards actually contributed to the longevity and the popularity of this game.

    However, the introduction and the feedback after the initial phase of Team Fortress 2 was not without its controversies or negative reviews. What Team Fortress 2 did that caused some players to be unsatisfied with the new game was the removal of the grenades that were class specific that some players considered to be very important aspects of the game. On the other hand, some user feedback actually praised the removal of that aspect. It is hard to please everybody and despite that Team Fortress managed to remain the top class-based game in the world.

    Valve continued to develop and release new items, new content, new maps, and new modes of the game in order to keep players interested in the game and involved in the further development of the game. The contributions that players put forth through their feedbacks and reviews was used by Valve to create game updates that will be in the line of what the players are expecting and wanting from the game itself. In 2011, Team Fortress became free and instantly there was a surge of players who signed in for the game and who embraced the game that has been popular for so long period of time.


    In order for a game to stay popular and relevant for so many years it needs be to appealing for many generations of the players. Team Fortress 2 has managed to do exactly that. For those players who have played the first installment of Team Fortress the experience of playing Team Fortress two might be the same as with the first installment. However, there are also some new elements that make players feel like no other game could pull that. What is the most important is that the new elements have not reduced the quality or the experience of playing the game and since Team Fortress 2 became free for players around the world it became the game with the one of the biggest number of active players. 

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    Game:Team Fortress 2
    Official Site: teamfortress.com
    AKA: TF2
    Release Date: 10/09/07
    Series: Team Fortress
    Studios: Valve Corporation
    Publishers: Valve Corporation
    Genre: First-person shooter
    Modes: Single-player, Multiplayer
    Image credit: Valve Corporation
    Image credit: Valve Corporation
    Image credit: Valve Corporation

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