Super Street Fighter IV
    Super Street Fighter IV is a fighting videogame from Capcom with an impressive roster of characters, eye-candy animations and an epic sound effect.

    Super Street Fighter IV is a fighting game unveiled in 2010 and developed by Capcom. Initially, it was supposed to be released as a downloadable content but ended up as a stand-alone videogame. Available on both Xbox and PlayStation consoles, it sold millions of copies worldwide.

    Super Street Fighter IV Gameplay

    Super Street Fighter IV bears many similarities with the Street Fighter IV game in emulated. Players were invited to compete in 3-D backgrounds and make use of new and more powerful attacks. Several new characters were added and all of them were enhanced with an additional Ultra Combo. Each hero has a minimum of two but players are still supposed to make a decision in game. The special abilities are only available when the corresponding energy meters are full, so timing is everything.

    Its gameplay hasn’t changed radically compared to the previous installments and the objectives are virtually the same. The goal is still to completely deplete the health meter of the opponent before the end of the round. On the off-chance that the two competitors are left with no hit points at the end of the match, the game ends undecided and both collect points. In best-of-three games, this will make the outcome of the next match essential, as it will decide the winner.

    Super Street Fighter IV uses the same directional system and revolves around the same key mechanics. Players can jump, move towards and away from their enemies, crouch and block attacks. Grabbing opponents is particularly important in this installment and players can enhance the effectiveness of this move by taunting foes. The game has a single player and a multiplayer mode, with the former setting the stage for competitive gameplay.

    Super Street Fighter IV Graphics and Sounds

    Super Street Fighter IV is vastly superior to its predecessor in terms of both visuals and sound effects. When players perform special moves, the animations are the most spectacular and the new combos are a treat to the eye. At the highest levels of competition, players can anticipate the opponents’ decisions by also paying attention to the sounds and animations. Overall, the main theme radiates energy and is perfectly suited for a fighting game. Victory celebrations are also more impressive in this new iteration.


    Super Street Fighter IV greatly exceeded expectations and fully justified its release as a stand-alone product. Developers quickly realized the fact that by unveiling it as a DLC they wouldn’t do justice to this installment. At the time of its release, it was one of the best fighting games, in terms of both game mechanics and animations. The upside of having nearly 40 characters to choose from also insured its replayability. Even though the most exciting things happen in multiplayer, the single player campaign is more than an afterthought and can keep players hooked for a long time.

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    Game:Super Street Fighter IV
    Release Date: 04/27/10
    Series: Street Fighter
    Studios: Dimps, Capcom
    Publishers: Capcom
    Genre: Fighting
    Modes: Single-player, Multiplayer
    Games in Series: SF5
    Image credit: Capcom

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