Super Smash Bros.
    Super Smash Bros is a fighting game allowing as many as 8 players in the same arena, which results in an intense albeit chaotic gameplay.

    With more and more video games taking an excessively serious approach to gameplay, graphics and the overall feel of the game, Super Smash Bros. is the one game that will appeal to those players who simply love to have fun and go absolutely nuts while gaming.

    Released in September 2014 and developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment and Sora Ltd. Super Smash Bros. is an extremely exciting and thrilling fighting video game that will appeal to every long term Nintendo fan as well as thousands of other people who are surely in love with many of its characters.

    The game was released for Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, with no versions for other consoles, being a Nintendo game. Those who do enjoy playing Nintendo Wii U will benefit the most, as Super Smash Bros. on Wii U is an absolutely fantastic game in every sense.

    Super Smash Bros. Gameplay

    Super Smash Bros. features the characteristic chaotic gameplay style we are so used to from the series. Up to eight players can enjoy the game at once from a single console, in a hectic eight player match that will inevitably drive the entire group crazy with excitement, laughter and plenty of frustration at times, which is exactly what we are looking for in a game like this.

    The amazing thing about Super Smash Bros. is that the player can be whoever he wants to be. Just about any famous and beloved character from video games and cartoons is in there. From Pokemon like Pikachu, Charizard and Jigglypuff to Super Mario, Donkey Kong and Mega Man, the player will be able to take control of just about any beloved character imaginable.

    Smash Bros. Gameplay was always exciting in the past, but was always maxed out at four players. While the online matches of Super Smash Bros. can also only include up to four players at one time, up to eight players can combat locally, making the matches crazier than ever before.

    Of course, it is not necessary to have eight people around to play Super Smash Bros. at all, as even single player play against the computer can be super exhilarating. The amount of detail put into every single little aspect of Super Smash Bros. is simply amazing. The developers made sure to make every character authentic to their original brand, so we can see characters from the older games look as pixelated as ever, while some of the more modern heroes will have the feel of the new age of gaming.

    One on one matches make for plenty of intense play, while adding more players in the ring can make for absolute chaos where no one knows who exactly they are punching, hitting or shooting at. If you prefer playing all alone on the other hand, the game offers plenty of opportunities through multiple modes that will introduce you to all the characters if you haven’t met them in previous games and learn all the moves and characteristics of each end every one.

    Ultimately, Super Smash Bros. is designed with only one thing in mind and that is limitless hectic fun that stems from the vast array of famous and hilarious characters and super fun arenas that come straight out of a number of other Nintendo games we so loved in the past. This is exactly the kind of game that’s perfect to get a large group of friends together and absolutely go nuts!

    Super Smash Bros. Graphics And Sounds

    Graphics of Super Smash Bros are definitely very solid but also very versatile. Instead of just going with one single style of graphics and making them super up to date, Super Smash Bros. uses a blend of all sorts of graphics from the past and current games and mixes them up to perfection.

    The player will get a chance to experience maps from games like Mario Cart and a number of other games and combat with modern and old fashioned characters alike. With so many games nowadays using the most cutting edge technology to create the graphics, Super Smash Bros. goes with the more old fashioned look we have grown to love over the years and that will absolutely appeal to all the older generations of gamers.


    With simple commands, an extensive list of characters from all our favorite games of the past and graphics that take us right back to the Super Mario, Donkey Kong and other games that used to keep the attention of millions of gamers over the years, Super Smash Bros. is a game that will exhilarate every true gamer.

    The game offers gameplay that thrills and excites from minute to minute, with up to eight players playing in a single arena and on a single console, which makes for absolute chaos that will not let any player rest easy while playing.

    Super Smash Bros. guarantees tons of fun, excitement and fantastic moments spent with our best friends and plenty of opportunities for single player and online multiplayer game play as well. If you used to love some or many of the Nintendo games from the past, Super Smash Bros. is right up your alley and this is the exact reason so many thousands of players have already become such huge fans of this fighting simulation.

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    Game:Super Smash Bros.
    Official Site: smashbros.com
    AKA: SSB
    Release Date: 09/13/14
    Series: Super Smash Bros.
    Studios: Bandai Namco Entertainment, Sora Ltd.
    Publishers: Nintendo
    Genre: Fighting, Platformer
    Modes: Single-player, Multiplayer
    Image credit: Nintendo
    Image credit: Nintendo
    Image credit: Nintendo

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