Street Fighter V
    Street Fighter V is the 5th main installment in the fighting video game series, improving the side-scrolling fighting gameplay by adding new mechanics.

    Street Fighter V is the fifth main numbered installment in the Street Fighter fighting video game series, developed by Dimps and Capcom and published by Capcom in February 2016. The game was released for PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows with cross-platform multiplayer while it was also announced the game will be released for Linux.

    Street Fighter V Gameplay

    Street Fighter V continues the well-known side-scrolling fighting gameplay the series is known for with Unreal Engine 4 and an enhanced gameplay where a player will control one of the two fighters and use different attacks to beat the opponent.

    The title is one of the best-known in the genre and the popular scenery is back with three types of punches and kicks, blocks, throws and combos which made the series a hit that it has been. Street Fighter V definitely continues the legacy and builds on the previous installments reinstating features such as the EX gauge which is built by landing attacks and used as a power-up or to perform Critical Arts combos.

    The Stun Meter is also still there and it builds when the player is on the receiving end, causing him to become stunned when full. This is a great spot for the opponents to come in strongly and aggressively, largely improving the competitiveness in the moments when a knock-out is highly possible. The Focus Attacks from the last installment have been removed though.

    Street Fighter V has brought us possibly the best fighting gameplay so far, with overall physics and the mechanics through multiple layers of combat complexity, looking improved and still fun with new features making the game more appealing and fresh-looking.


    V-Gauge is a new feature, building when player receives attacks and opens an opportunity for three different techniques – V-Triggers, V-Reversals, and V-Skills.

     V-Trigger can only be used with full V-Gauge and it allows you to produce a unique ability for every fighter and V-Reversal allows players to use a part of the V-Gauge to counter-attack the opponent when in trouble, while V-Skills are the special attacks again unique to every fighter which actually build the V-Gauge. The perks are very much diversifying the game and allow game-changers additionally building the well-known fighting gameplay.

    The Content

    While holding one of the best gameplays ever, the content is Street Fighter V is definitely disappointing. It just seems like the game was rushed into the market missing many very important modes every Street Fighter veteran and newcomer would expect. As one of the best arcade games ever, the new installment of Street Fighter actually misses the Arcade mode. There are 10 CPU skill levels but you cannot actually fight in versus mode, and with a rather poor Story which looks like a tutorial or a prologue, the only single-player mode left - Survival mode – is rather under-delivering. However, the Online mode still proves potential and looks just so amazing that we couldn’t deny falling for Capcom promises.

    The Story Mode will be expanded and enhanced, hopefully delivering much more and Capcom also announced expansions in terms of Battle Lounge, added online Spectator Mode, Challenge Mode, Daily Challenges with achievements to unlock every day and ultimately more Tips and Tricks on attacks, combos and special powers.

    Street Fighter V Multiplayer

    The Street Fighter V brings a cross-platform multiplayer with a unified player pool for the first time in the series, which largely opens up opportunities for rivalries and increases the competitiveness. Some players argue that it’s next to impossible to rise through the ranks but we haven’t had such an experience as we mostly linked with similarly ranked players. The character line-up looks really good and varied further improving the user experience we all love.

    The Multiplayer is definitely what makes Street Fighter V what it is and standing out as one of the titles of the year, although still missing big on the content.

    Graphics and Audio

    The Street Fighter V graphics has not changed much since the last installment of the game and while featuring new characters and a more interactive arena showcasing different animations, the graphics are definitely not why we are losing out on the content. We were very happy with the audio and music background which really fits in as we never stopped playing the series.

    The Unreal Engine 4 is known for the realistic look it can provide and it’s said that the developers considered bringing a more realistic imagery with the new installment but it was cancelled as it wasn’t satisfying and Capcom went with the traditional “animesque” look.


    There were mixed feelings about Street Fighter V, as the latest installment of the beloved fight game franchise, which brought some amazing gameplay improvements building naturally on the previous games but also failed to provide enough game modes to keep both the veteran and newcomer players entertained.

    While providing possibly the best fighting gameplay of all time, players couldn’t resist the feeling this was no more than a Demo and we’re waiting for the game to be completed through the promised content updates. However, the multiplayer seemed impeccable and players were more than happy with the evergreen series in its classic but modern attire.

    The game was an Street Fighter experience like never before with amazing complexity to each fight with combos, power-ups and specialties, while still being open for new players to join in the craze. It takes the already successful formula and builds on it with new mechanics and feels so familiar yet so fresh.

    The survival and story mode definitely failed to deliver, and the value is somewhat questionable with the in-game purchases as there is a general feeling that the game will only be complete with the content players are still waiting for. However, the game has been well-received and praised for the above mentioned gameplay and graphics. Besides the lack of content, the game was also criticized for the technical issues in matchmaking and smaller bugs, which was both soon fixed.

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    This is the best fighting game for eSports, in my opinion its way better than Super Smash Bros… the game is not selling as well as CAPCOM might have hoped, but it is one of the best fighters ever created!


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