StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty
    Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty is the first episode in the second installment of the award winning RTS focusing on the Terrans.

    The second installment of the award winning franchise, Start Craft II: Wings of Liberty is the game that was developed and released by Blizzard Entertainment back in July 2010. The game is divided into three expansions that came out at different time. Those expansions are Wings of Liberty, Heart of Swarm and Legacy of Void. The game can be characterized as a real-time strategy games with strong elements of science-fiction genre and it is available for Microsoft Windows and OS X video gaming platforms. The premise of the game includes three different species: the Terrans (humans that have been exiled from the planet Earth), the Zerg (species of the super assimilated life forms), and the Protoss (advanced species with great mental powers). Each of the expansions focuses on one of the species. The first expansion, Wings of Liberty, focuses on the Terrans. After the release the feedback was significantly more positive and those who were the fans of the first installments of this franchise will be pleased with what Blizzard Entertainment created for the second installment. 

    Single-player Mode 

    The story continues where the previous installment finished and that brings consistency to this franchise. The single-player campaign contains 26 missions that have been created in a very interesting way and in a way that will keep players in their seats for a very long time. While playing these missions players will encounter a lot of triggers and events that would just build on to the original story that has been transferred to the second installment as well. One of the trademarks of the Blizzard Entertainment developing department have been the animation and the cut sences that will make the experience of playing this game even more enjoyable. The time between the missions can also be used for strategic planning with the upgrades by determining what you need for the next mission. 

    As you make progress through the missions of the single-player campaign you will be able to unlock some new items that will be very useful to you in your effort to finish the missions that you have started. For those players who have not played the first game from this franchise it will not be hard to grasp the controls and the basic gameplay of the game. Depending on how good your skills are, it will take you probably around 15 hours to complete all the missions that the single-player campaign has to offer. Considering that this is just the first extension out of three that were announced, this amount of time is more than enough. One of the requirements for playing this game in the single mode is steady Internet connection but since today you are able to be online where ever you are so that might actually not be an issues after all. 

    Multiplayer Mode

    When we talk about the multiplayer mode in this franchise it must be emphasized that the multiplayer mode that the first installment of this franchise introduced is the best multiplayer mode that we have ever seen in real-time strategy games. With that being said it is clear to everyone that StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty had to put some serious effort in developing the multiplayer mode for the second installment that will at least be as good as the one from the first game or even to outperform the one from the previous game. One of the indicators that the multiplayer mode from the first installment was successful is the fact that 12 years since it was released it is still popular as it was at that time. After spending some time playing in this mode it clear that StarCraft II did not manage to fulfill what its predecessor set forth. Several problematic issues can be observed while playing the game in this mode. The multiplayer mode of this game will make players feel like they are part of the game or that they are partaking in a role-playing game rather than being on a series of missions that you have to complete. 

    One such issue is that this version of the game does not provide the support for players who want to play this game through LAN connection. What this game does provide is the possibility of playing in multiplayer mode through Battle.net and because of that many players will not have the opportunity to fully enjoy this mode. Besides that, we also had some issues with the balance of the game because it seemed to us that this game is not balanced as the first one or at least as it should have been. However, it must be said that the creators of the game have recognized these issues and they announced that they will be solved in the future upgrades of the game. What is also praise worthy is the announcement from the Blizzard Entertainment in which they stated that soon many different custom made maps will be available for players to use. Even though there are some issues with the multiplayer mode of the second installment, there is still that familiar feeling of playing in the best multiplayer mode that has ever been created in strategic games. Just like it was the case with the multiplayer mode of first game, it should be expected that the multiplayer mode of the second game will also be included in the tournaments and competitions in this game that are being organized all over the world.


    Even though this game was created only for two gaming platforms is still managed to gain a lot popularity immediately after it was released. For many players this will awake memories of the first StarCraft installment since the second game incorporates the elements that made the first game so good into the gameplay of the second game. Whether or not the expectations of the users were fulfilled depends on how open-minded the gamers were. In our opinion this game has fulfilled the expectations that we had because it really did managed to improve on many things in comparison to the first game.

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    Haaaaa good old StartCraft ! One of my most favorite  games for sure, a pure entertainment on each time.! I personally find this game one of the best strategy games of all times! Blizzard entertainment designed an amazing game with an amazing new world where fantasy and reality are one.


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    Game:StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty
    Official Site: blizzard.com
    AKA: SC 2
    Release Date: 07/27/10
    Series: StarCraft
    Studios: Blizzard Entertainment
    Publishers: Blizzard Entertainment
    Genre: Strategy
    Modes: Single-player, Multiplayer
    Games in Series: SC2 SC2
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    Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment
    Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment

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