Splatoon was released in 2015 as a third person shooter revolving around the adventures of Inklings and featuring a diverse arsenal of original weapons.

    Splatoon is a third person shooter game created by Nintendo EAD group no. 2 in late 2013. In 2015 it was released in North America and Japan. The game can be played both online and offline, with specially created modes for each option.

    Players are able to use different weapons to splash the ink of their colour around the area, therefore naming their characters Inklings. These characters have the ability to change their appearance into a turf shape, in order to swim though their colour´s ink, travelling much faster than in humanoid form. The shape of the turf character was considered as the best, after several different shapes were chosen first.

    All players have primary, secondary and temporary special weapons. The main goal is to splash more ink of your colour on the map, that way claiming your territory.

    Online modes  are Regular Battle, accessed by all players; Turf War, with four players divided into two teams; Splatfest, where you compete for a particular side; Ranked Battle, that only players of Level 10 can play, since it requires a higher level of strategy; Splat Zones, where the teams fight in order to gain control of zones; Tower Control, in which the first team that takes the tower to the enemy base is the winner; Rainmaker, where you move the weapon of the same name to the other side of the map; Squad Battle, in which you create a group of least two and maximum four players and compete against other squad; and finally, there is a Private Battle where  groups of two to eight players choose their rules and stages of game.

    However, there are only four offline modes. They are Hero Mode, which is a single player mode; Battle Dojo, where two players compete on the Turf War maps, as well as arcade games and so called Amiibo Challenge.

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    Platforms: Nintendo Wii U
    Official Site: splatoon.nintendo.com
    AKA: Splatoon
    Release Date: 05/28/15
    Studios: Nintendo Entertainment Analysis & Development
    Publishers: Nintendo
    Genre: Third-person shooter, Platformer
    Modes: Single-player, Multiplayer
    Image credit: Nintendo
    Image credit: Nintendo
    Image credit: Nintendo

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