Don’t let the steep learning curve have a deterring effect on you, because Spellweaver is one of the best trading card video games and it’s free to play.

    Spellweaver is an online trading card video game, with a fantasy theme and a very competitive gameplay. Players can compete against each other or the AI, complete quests, unlock additional decks and expand their library. All the classic elements of card games are featured, but the developers have added features that give the videogame more depth and enhance replayability.

    Spellweaver Gameplay

    The depth of Spellweaver gameplay is the reason for why it stands a chance against better-known trading card titles such as Hearthstone. The card options are significantly more complex and players need to use different battle strategies to outshine opponents. A total of 222 cards are available for different factions, but the relatively small set of cards could use an overhaul. Players activate hero skills to inflict damage, protect allies, or draw additional cars. The main victory condition is to be played on the hit points of your opponent. Success is lavishly rewarded with gold that can be used to unlock more decks.

    Spellweaver Graphics and Sounds

    Hearthstone has the upper-hand over Spellweaver in terms of both graphics and sound. However, the differences are minimal and Spellweaver has an unmistakable charm. The design of battle cards is intriguing, although some of them can look a bit generic. Developers paid more attention to leading heroes, but even generic elves, footmen and archers look nice. The soundtrack is truly amazing and the fantasy music theme quickly gets players immersed into this fascinating world.


    Spellweaver is a good looking online trading card games and a worthy competitor for Hearthstone. It offers unmatched dynamic strategy and features enough game modes to keep players entertained for a long time. Its visuals are crisp and the battle animations make any fight more dramatic, but the soundtrack makes the biggest contribution.

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    Official Site: spellweaver-tcg.com
    AKA: SPW
    Release Date: 02/01/16
    Studios: Dream Reactor LLC
    Publishers: Dream Reactor LLC
    Genre: Cards
    Modes: Single-player, Multiplayer, Online multiplayer
    Image credit: Dream Reactor LLC
    Image credit: Dream Reactor LLC
    Image credit: Dream Reactor LLC

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