Speed Runners
    SpeedRunners pits four players against each other, in a short but intense race littered with obstacles, where coordination and reflexes are essential.

    There used to be a time when gaming was all about friendly competition and SpeedRunners by tinyBuild Games gives us a glimpse into that time. Released in 2013 for PC and Xbox One, the game features simplistic graphics and immensely entertaining gameplay.

    Players take on a role of one of the runners in a four player race to the finish line. The path to that finish line is riddled with all types of obstacles to bypass and the other players constantly using all resources available to hinder your success.

    SpeedRunners Gameplay

    SpeedRunners is powered by Steam and the amount of maps and characters available in game is absolutely staggering. Even better, the number of maps is constantly increasing, which means players will never have to get bored of playing the same old maps over and over again.

    The gameplay itself is as thrilling and competitive as it could possibly get, with friendly matches on a single PC often turning into the type of shenanigans we used to love back when online gaming was not available. 

    The goal of the game is simple, but the many ways of getting there and the unpredictable nature of the opponents’ moves and hindrance make every playthrough of a map extremely thrilling. Playing SpeedRunners online can get frustrating, as the skill element of the game is so emphasized that winning an online match can often seem nearly impossible for a novice.


    With so many graphically advanced games hitting the shelves and all eyes on visual effects and reality of the simulation, the world is definitely lacking in solid arcade titles. SpeedRunners is more than solid, as it provides the kind of competitive gameplay rarely seen in any other game. Fans of arcade games will have a blast trying to outrun their competition and gain that extra half a second on their time as they gradually advance and learn all the tricks SpeedRunners has to offer.

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    Game:Speed Runners
    Official Site: tinybuild.com
    AKA: SpeedRunners
    Release Date: 08/26/13
    Studios: tinyBuild Games, DoubleDutch Games
    Publishers: tinyBuild Games
    Genre: Platformer
    Modes: Single-player, Multiplayer

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