Smite is an innovative MOBA drawing inspiration from mythology and having ancient gods as heroes, with powerful and original skills.

    Smite is a game that could easily be called the most innovative MOBA ever. The uniquely designed Smite was first released into the market back in March 2014 by Hi-Rez Studios and can be played on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

    Unlike other MOBA games that feature a gameplay style similar to Warcraft III, where the camera is set above the map, Smite places the camera behind your character and the controls are switched to a classic WASD system, making gameplay more similar to that of World Of Warcraft.

    In many ways, Smite is a classic MOBA game, but Hi-Rez Studios did a great job of making it unique and special in its own ways. Smite features a list of 51 Gods from different world’s mythologies such as the Greek, Egyptian and Norse, with each of them possessing abilities that are characteristic to the God in question based on the mythology behind the character.

    While some MOBA fans may not appreciate the fact you don’t use your mouse to move around in Smite and have to constantly move around in real space, turn the right way in order to execute the spell against your opponent’s Gods and just generally be much more cautious of your surroundings, others find that it is a fantastic innovation that changes the way we look at MOBAs.

    The game has already received plenty of support from fans and has been awarded on multiple occasions with awards such as the AMD eSports Audience Award. The free to play approach the designers took certainly went a long way in introducing millions of fans to the game and creating a more player friendly game.

    Smite Gameplay

    Smite is definitely a MOBA game, with plenty of MOBA elements in it and yet you would never think it at first sight. The game features all your standard MOBA elements, with 5 v 5 matches in classic maps with three lanes and each player controlling one character, in this case a God from one of the world’s mythologies. However, the way players control the Gods in Smite is quite a bit different than that in which Dota 2 or LoL players control theirs.

    MOBA players are used to clicking the mouse buttons to control where their character moves, but in Smite they are faced with using a keyboard based WASD system to move around and are forced to actually face in the right direction when trying to cast spells or execute attacks against their opponents.

    Other than the movement system, Smite is very similar to other MOBAs, with each character having a unique set of abilities, along with an ultimate ability that is unlocked at higher levels and most matches being 5 v 5 arena combats. Smite does include 3 v 3 combats and arena deathmatches as well, which can make for some hectic and different play, again trying to innovate on the common MOBA elements.

    As you would expect, each God you can pick in Smite comes with a set of abilities unique to that character and these abilities define the roll he plays in the game, with most characters able to perform in multiple roles. Each week 10 Gods are unlocked for everyone and you can unlock new Gods permanently along with extensive cosmetic items list which can be unlocked gradually with the use of in game currency or real money.

    The great thing about Smite is that you can get your hands on everything you really need in the game by just playing the game and winning matches and if you don’t want to spend a single dime on it ever, the developer seems to be completely ok with it.

    The added features in Smite such as the built in Twitch streamer and replay options make the game even more user friendly and go a step further to accommodate for the eSports side of things with Smite.

    Smite Graphics And Sounds

    While some other MOBA games look and sound great, Smite’s unique camera behind the character approach is a complete game changer when it comes to graphics. Every character in Smite is well polished and looks awesome, with some of the abilities, especially the ultimate ones really making you feel like there is true power in everything you do.

    The world of Smite is as cartoonish as you might expect it to be, but the graphics are still state of the art, especially on the PC. The in game menus and other supportive elements also look very polished up and there is little doubt that graphics are one of Smite’s stronger elements.

    No disrespect to other MOBAs but there is something special about the characters list in Smite compared to the other games. While we all enjoy the completely made up characters of Dota 2 and LoL, the characters in Smite are those we have heard much about from different sources and playing as Zues, Anubis or Thor has a different allure than being cast in the role of some nameless hero. The games audiovisual elements make sure that every God feels the way they should, based on the mythology behind that character.

    The audio in Smite is equally impressive as the graphics with ambience music, spells sound effects and character voices all clearly developed with plenty of care to the details. All of these elements make Smite a fantastic gaming experience and one not to miss out on.

    Getting Started With Smite: Awaken Your Inner Divine

    Smite is a game that absolutely enchants with its beautiful graphics, simple and yet extremely entertaining gameplay and infinite levels of skill you can attain. Smite was developed to be an eSport and it fit great into that roll with tournaments around the world taking place for the third year in a row.

    While Smite may not be as popular as Dota 2 and is unlikely to ever be at that level, it is surely one of the more popular MOBA games and many gamers find it to be more exhilarating than the more common MOBA games exactly for the way characters move around.

    Great news for absolute newbies to the game or even to the MOBA genre is the fact game comes with plenty of in game video tutorials which teach new players how to pick characters, move around the map and assume their roles in the right fashion, which is of great help when you are just starting out with the genre.

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    • 5

    Imagine Dota 2 or LOL as a 3rd person action games with amazing character designs and more modes - that's exactly what Smite is. When I heard about the game I was skeptical of it being another LOL or Dota knockoff but I was pleasantly surprised at how unique Smite was. The vice acting is on-point and the gameplay mechanics are well developed. If you want to play a 3rd person action MMO Smite is the game you want. 


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    • 4

    Smite is probably the most complicated, yet fun game out there, as it takes quite a long time to get the hang of it. While it is very similar to League of Legends, it is made for the console, expanding the MOBA scene to more gamers. It requires a lot of communication and team work, so if you're a player that likes to ride solo, Smite not be for you.


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    • 5

    I've never enjoyed a MOBA as much as I enjoy Smite and I believe that's partially due to the unique camera angle. Smite features almost a third person-like view. However this isn't the only thing that makes Smite enjoyable, it comes with an enormous and immense universe of Gods. It takes months to learn everything about the game, it's not something you're going to get bored of quick. 


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    Official Site: smitegame.com
    AKA: SMiTe
    Release Date: 03/25/14
    Studios: Hi-Rez Studios
    Publishers: Hi-Rez Studios, Level Up! Games, Tencent
    Genre: MOBA
    Modes: Multiplayer
    Image credit: Hi-Rez Studios
    Image credit: Hi-Rez Studios
    Image credit: Hi-Rez Studios

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