RuneScape is a MMORPG released in 2001 where players enter the magical realm of Gielinor, rich in quests, mini-games and having a great story.

    RuneScape video game can be characterized as a massively multiplayer online role-playing game or MMORPG that was released back in 2001. The game was developed and released by Jagex and this game is available for three different platforms and those are Microsoft Windows, OS X and Linux. The events of this game take place in the imaginary, fantasy world called Gielinor that is divided in cities, regions, and kingdoms. The objective of the game is not defined clearly. Instead, the game's objective is left to players to determine. In that regards, players have option of selecting whether they will fight against monsters, complete guests or missions or to improve their skills through training. Each player has its own avatar that represents him or her in the game. There is also a possibility for players to interact with each other through different activities, playing certain mini games that are included in the game or by chatting. Fifteen years ago, RuneScape was a favorite pass time activity of some many kids and young people. What no one expected back than is that this game will remain relevant even 15 years in the future.  

    The game was actually developed on the Java platform and was at the time of the release one of the best Java based games. Before actually you start playing the game you will have to create your own avatar for which players have the options of many different hairstyles, colors or facial hair. Even though for some this might be a too small selection it is still enough to make you different and unique in the game that huge number of gamers is playing. Once you created have created your avatar you will be able to move forward and enter the vast world that the RuneScape is providing. 


    The gameplay of the game does not include any complicated procedures and the game is played through simple moves with clicks. For example, if a player wants to fight against some other characters he or she will just have to click on the opponent's avatar. In regards to the one-on-one battles it must be said that in order to play those kind of matches you will have to move to The Wilderness. However, you will not be able to just stumble there by accident. In order to play one-on-one matches you will have to go to the Wilderness that is located in the far northern part of the map. The Wilderness is desolated place where you will encounter some of the toughest players and when you manage to kill other player in that battle you will have the opportunity to collect items that the other player has left behind.

    The updated versions of the game provide improve graphics but on many occasions it seemed to us that the game is not able to follow that graphics. That most evident at moments when the vast landscapes were shown in the game. RuneScape was never a game that offered a lot in regards to the quests. There was never serious quest that demanded from you to save a person or something like that. However, the future installments of this game, especially RuneScape 3 corrected this mistake and introduced many quests that included hundreds of missions that need to be completed. Those who look for some deeper meaning in this game will be disappointed because it does not offer any deeper message that the one that the game is pure fun for people of all ages.

    Skill System

    One of the strongest features of RuneScape in all these years was and still is the skills system that the characters have. Players will have to improve and further develop their skills as they move along in the game campaign. The more you use certain skill while playing the game the better you will become at using that skill. With the possibility of using more than 26 skills in this game, the player will have no problem of finding what to do while playing this game. Some of those activities include magic, mining, farming, fishing, cooking and many others. As we have mentioned before, each skill can be further develop and at the start of you using a certain skill it will be at the level 1 and as you further develop it, it has the possibility of reaching level 99 which is the highest level that can be reached.

    Many aspects of the game are actually locked. If a player wants to unlock some of those aspects he or she will have to spend some money in order to do that. This has actually become a pattern when we talk about the RuneScape. For many features that other similar games have for free, RuneScape demands that a play must first buy a monthly subscription or pay one time amount of money for that feature. In our opinion, the fact that you have to for even some of the basic skills is the most annoying thing about this game. Having constant reminders that you need to pay to use something get really irritating and it real ruins the experience of playing this game. Whether or not it will be improved in some of the future installments still remains to be seen. What is even more annoying is the realization that you have spend a lot of time playing this game only to come to a certain point where you cannot move forward unless you pay certain amount of money.


    Even though the game has certain issues it is still, even after 15 years, one of best MMORPG games in the world. It was one of the first games that featured massive multiplayer mode and it set the foundations for future games that provided that mode. For some players, after 15 years, this game is no longer what it was at certain point in time. However, RuneScape is still one of the few games with such diverse and vast world. The newer versions of the game awoke nostalgia for the original game but they did not manage to capture the attention as the first version of the game did.

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    Official Site: runescape.com
    AKA: RuneScape
    Release Date: 04/03/01
    Studios: Jagex
    Publishers: Jagex
    Genre: MMORPG
    Modes: Multiplayer
    Image credit: Jagex
    Image credit: Jagex
    Image credit: Jagex

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