Project CARS
    Project CARS is the most realistic game developed by Slightly Mad Studios, with a challenging gameplay and polished graphics.

    Project CARS is a motorsport racing videogame simulator published by Bandai Namco and developed by Slightly Mad Studios. Released in 2015 it can be played on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles as well as Microsoft Windows powered PCs. It has an impressive roaster of drivable cars, dozens of unique locations and race courses, both fictional and real.

    Project CARS Gameplay

    Developers tried to come up with a more realistic driving simulator than the previous video games produced by them. The Project CARS gameplay has a steep learning curve, but can be enjoyed on different skill levels. Players participate in events spanning over several days moving from qualifying races to the main tournament. They can use the driver aids available or stick to the default format.

    Project CARS was developed with money raised by the community and professional racing drivers were consulted. The result is a game that looks realistic and those who play feel like they are actually behind the wheels in a real competition.

    Project CARS Graphics and Sounds

    The visuals are impressive on both consoles and PCs, with a lot of attention being paid to the cars and the environment. The price of enjoying the great graphics is that the frame rate can drop if players don’t own a powerful PC. With the right gear, the racing video game runs smoothly and looks great, with stellar weather effects and a soothing soundtrack. Since May 2016, the game can also be played using the virtual reality headsets.


    Project CARS isn’t a steep departure from the games produced by Slightly Mad Studios, but is more realistic. Difficulty is scalable and both amateurs and savvy players will enjoy the challenges without getting frustrated. Visually appealing and fun to play on both PCs and consoles, it is clearly a step forward for the franchise.

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    Game:Project CARS
    Official Site: projectcarsgame.com
    AKA: Project CARS
    Release Date: 05/06/15
    Studios: Slightly Mad Studios
    Publishers: Slightly Mad Studios, Bandai Namco Entertainment
    Genre: Racing
    Modes: Single-player, Online multiplayer
    Image credit: Bandai Namco Entertainment
    Image credit: Bandai Namco Entertainment

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