Pokkén Tournament
    Pokken Tournament is a hybrid between Tekken and Pokemon, a fighting video game with an arcade version and one version for Wii U.

    Pokken Tournament is the fighting video games that were released for two platforms Arcade and Wii U. The game was developed by the Bandai Namco Studios, a company that developed Tekken and it was published by The Pokemon Company in 2015 in Japan and one year later it was released in the rest of the world. The game is actually of combination of the Tekken and Pokemon game franchise. The game features elements from both games. The fighting features were taken from the Tekken franchise while the characters are taken from the Pokemon franchise. The arcade version of the game proved to be not as profitable as the publishers wanted. However, the version of the game that was developed for the Wii U gained much more popularity and it was one of the highest-selling games soon after the release. Even though the critics in Japan were not very praise-worthy of this game, the critics from the western countries were much more positive and the game gained a lot more popularity in western countries than in Japan.

    Even though the official statements stated that it was a combination of two games, Tekken and Pokemon, while playing the game players will be able to recognize the elements of some game as well such as Naruto games, Dragonball games, Street Fighter and several others. The biggest innovation that this game is introducing is the significantly changed style of combat that has been divided into two phases. The first phase is called Field Phase and it represents the 3-D style of fighting in which players and their characters have much more space for the movement in the arena. On the other hand, Duel Phase is the phase that can be characterized as a standard style of fighting in these kinds of video games. In the second phase, the space for the movement has been reduced and the main focus is placed on the actual fighting.

    Another positive feature of this game is that selection of Pokemon contains Pokemons from all generations and the balance between the old and new generation Pokemons has been introduced very well. In that regard, there are 16 different Pokemons that you can choose in order to fight against the opponent. The game actually did very good job in recreating the features that Pokemons had in the original franchise without introducing any new sides to the characters. The graphics in this game has finally reached the level that many Pokemon fans expected to be reached. In combination with the amazing sound and music effects, the graphics will serve to increase the adrenalin in your blood when playing the game.

    One of the biggest advantages and at the same time one of the biggest disadvantages of this game is actually the very complexity of the game. For some players the complexity would be a good thing or even a challenge for them to achieve. However, for some other players this complexity will be a though obstacle to pass. The game does provide a tutorial video that explains all important aspects of the gameplay such as Phase Shifts, Synergy Gauge, Guard Breaks, Wall Combos, Wall Burst Cancels, Support Gauge and many others. However, in order to go through all the tutorial videos you will have to have nerves of steel and a lot of time at your disposal. For some players it might seem that you will spend more time on the tutorial videos than on actual fighting. However, the question is whether or not you are ready to go straight to the game without realizing how certain moves are done and similar issues. Even though you might have the experience of playing fighting video games or even Tekken but that will not be that useful with Pokken Tournament because there are a lot of new features that were not included in previous games.

    It must also be said that these tutorial videos in the single-player mode have been introduced in a much better way. While playing the game in the single-player mode you will watch these tutorial videos at different times and the game will not give you the entire tutorial to watch in one sitting. On the other hand, online mode is very good constructed. The online mode of the game provides two types of matches, Friendly and Ranked matches and these types bear a lot of similarities with the types of matches from some other games for example Street Fighter V. Even though the characters have been developed really well, the only problem in regards to the characters is the small number of the characters. The game would be much more interesting if there were a bigger number of characters.


    Pokkemon Tournament as a combination of the two very popular games and it takes the best qualities from each game and mixes them together in a very entertaining game. Sometimes it may seem that all this might be overwhelming and too much for some players. In general, Pokken Tournament is a really entertaining approach to Tekken and Pokemon franchises.

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    Game:Pokkén Tournament
    Platforms: Nintendo Wii U
    Official Site: pokkentournament.com
    AKA: PokkenTournament
    Release Date: 07/16/15
    Series: Pokémon
    Studios: Bandai Namco Entertainment, The Pokémon Company
    Publishers: The Pokémon Company
    Genre: Fighting
    Modes: Single-player, Multiplayer
    Image credit: The Pokémon Company
    Image credit: The Pokémon Company
    Image credit: The Pokémon Company

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