Overwatch is a multiplayer first person hero-based shooter with an original roster and dozens characters with unique skills and abilities.

    Blizzard Entertainment has been the one game developed to hardly ever disappoint us, and their latest release, Overwatch, completely fits into that pattern. The exciting multiplayer first person shooter combines the elements of the old and the new shooter games to create an exhilarating and visually spectacular gaming world.

    Overwatch was released in May 2016 for PS4, Xbox One and Windows and is a creation of the same team that worked on Blizzard’s cancelled Titan project, which was meant to be another MMO by the producer. Once the game was canceled, the team was left to look for new ideas and Overwatch is what they came up with.

    Overwatch Gameplay

    The hero-based shooter is set in a futuristic world, with weapons and gadgets that came as a product of the Overwatch team’s imagination. The difference between Overwatch and many other shooting games such as CS: GO lies primarily in the fact that Overwatch revolves around the heroes and your hero choice will determine your play style whether you want it to or not.

    Like in MOBA games, the heroes in Overwatch each have their own unique statistics and abilities and each hero serves a role of a damage dealer, tank, defense or support, which is not as common in FPS games.

    Each of the players in an Overwatch match chooses one hero and the match starts when both teams have six members. The six versus six combat is done in a variety of combat arenas, where the heroes will be forced to make the most of their abilities to outwit and destroy the opposing players.

    Overwatch has taken up many elements of MOBA games such as Dota 2. Other than each hero having a fairly distinct role to play, they also each have their unique abilities they can use fairly often along with an ultimate ability which comes with a long cooldown but a devastating effect. Using your ultimates in the right moment is a big part of the Overwatch strategy.

    The gameplay of Overwatch is absolutely hectic at first glance but there is plenty of strategy and tactic involved. For one, each hero is unique and knowing both your own and your opponents’ heroes and adapting your gameplay style to the heroes you are playing against is a huge part of the game.

    The chaos gets a lot more manageable after some time as you learn to move around the map, use the space you are given and use your hero’s abilities in a best way to avoid wasting them. This takes plenty of time and training, but this is exactly what makes the game so fun, as there are many skill levels a player can play at.

    Overwatch offers an exciting and engaging gameplay with plenty of choices and options to make and will award your great play by giving you access to a host of unlockable items. The only downside to the unlockables system is that you will receive random cosmetic upgrades for various heroes, while most players will only play a handful of heroes, making the other upgrades useless and making you wait forever until you can finally get the upgrades you were hoping to see. While this can be frustrating at times, the game does force you to keep playing for those upgrades and finally getting them does feel pretty awesome.

    Overwatch Roles And Maps

    Overwatch takes a classic FPS game and takes it miles further by integrating element of MOBA and RPG games into it. Each hero you can pick in Overwatch comes with a set of abilities and attributes including an ultimate ability which is a concept taken directly from MOBA games.

    Based on these abilities and attributes, heroes serve one of the four in game roles, which are offence, defense, support and tank. The roles in Overwatch are quite clearly defined, with some heroes able to take in massive amounts of damage and others dishing it out in a spectacular fashion while some heroes’ abilities will help their teammates perform better, making them support heroes.

    The choice is yours and it will come down to what kind of a player you want to be and while most players may want to jump into the damage dealing role, remember that your teammates will often appreciate you more when you are playing as support or tank than just mindlessly dealing damage and getting killed.

    The other choice you get in every Overwatch match is the type of map you want to play. You can choose between Assault, Escort, Hybrid and Control missions, with one team attacking and the other team defending in each match. An Escort mission for instance will see the attacking team try to push defenders away from a moving train while the defenders try to stop it. An Assault mission on the other hand will see the attacking team try to capture a couple of defenders’ checkpoints while a Control mission will see players try to take and keep control of a Control Point for some time.

    This diversity of heroes, maps and hero roles is exactly what makes Overwatch such an exciting and distinctive game and separates it from the rest of the competition. You may play hundreds of Overwatch matches and every one will be different due to different setup of roles and maps and you will have a chance to play on the attacking and the defending side in each role and on each map out there.


    Those players who are on the lookout for a new FPS game with a little something extra will find their sweet spot in Overwatch. The game features your standard FPS concepts such as precise shooting along with advanced mechanics that stem from the wide range of abilities each in game hero is able to use to combat the opponents.

    Overwatch will force you to think on your feet, use your hero’s abilities, movement speed and maneuver the maps to avoid getting fragged by the enemies. The exciting six v six matches can be played for fun online, but Overwatch tournaments are already being organized all over the place, as the game has already captured the imaginations of millions of fans and looks like it’s here to stay for quite a while.

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    • 5

    Considering Overwatch was awarded game of the year 2016, this game was bound to be good. Before I started playing Overwatch I was highly skeptical about buying thinking this was just "another" cliche FPS game and boy was I proven wrong.  Overwatch has already become one of the best online games to come out. Once you start playing Overwatch it just grows on you and you fall in love with characters making it near impossible to quit.  Overall, It's great fun.  


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    • 5

    I’ve been telling my friends that whatever Blizzard Entertainment touches, turns gold. Way too often was I put in my place by people saying that I’m a Blizzard fan boy; now Overwatch vindicates me. I dare you to find a game that better combines the FPS elements with MOBA games and is still fun to play in multiplayer. It’s obvious that they’ve put a lot of hours into character creation and it paid off big time. This is a game that grows on you and once it does, you have a hard time putting it down.


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