NHL 18
    NHL 18 brings back the critically acclaimed graphics, sounds and solid gameplay of the previous hockey simulator, while adding new game modes.

    Developed by EA Sports, NHL 18 is the 27th videogame ice hockey simulation in the franchise. It can be played on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles and has Connor McDavid as cover athlete.

    NHL 18 Gameplay

    NHL 18 gameplay was enhanced by the addition of new features, with the NHL Threes mode being by far the most exciting. While the developers still emphasize the importance of creating a hockey simulator that is as realistic as possible, they strive to make the game more intense. This new mode introduces arcade elements and makes it easier for players to score, therefore producing more goals. The core gameplay has remained largely unchanged, although player’s movements on ice are fluid and realistic. NHL 18 marks the arrival of teams from European championships and the Vegas Golden Knights expansion franchise.

    NHL 18 Graphics and Sounds

    NHL 18 graphics haven’t changed much since NHL 17, with players immediately recognize the NBC inspired presentation. Slight changes were made to the commentary and game shows, but hardly enough to make the game look fresh. The National Hockey League video game simulator is still better looking than most of its counterparts, but brings few new elements. Even the team celebrations have remained unchanged both during the game and post match.


    NHL 18 builds on the popularity of its predecessor, with slightly better graphics and gameplay. The addition of new game modes spices up the single player and gives the video game more depth. Those who play a hockey simulator for the first time will surely be impressed by the looks and game mechanics of NHL 18. However, the veterans are probably hoping for more significant changes to the next installment.

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