NBA 2K16 My Park
    2K16 My Park is a popular NBA2K16 game mode of that enables users to play in special communities such as Rivet City, Sunset Beach and Old Town

    NBA 2K16 is the basketball video game that was developed by Visual Concepts and that was released by the 2K Sports in 2015. The game is available for the platforms such as Xbox One, Xbox 360, Android and ions mobile phones, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PC. After the release, the reception of the game among the players was more than positive.


    NBA 2K16 offers several online modes for the players. One such mode is MyPark mode that provides players to transfer their MyPLAYER character to the online mode and play in one of the three MyPark communities. The communities that MyPark mode enables you to play in are Rivet City, Sunset Beach and Old Town. When a player joins one of the communities mentioned previously he or she will be able to compete with other communities in special events. MyPark provides players with the opportunity to play different games such as 2-on-2, 3-on-3 and 5-on-5 games.

    One of the problems that became evident after the release of the game is that players had problems with the reputation meter that became frozen at certain level and did not move further even when the players advanced. However, it turned out that that was not a problem at all because game developers have official said that that was part of the game and that moving from one level to another is not an easy task and that it takes a much more time to increase the players' level. In comparison to previous installments, this aspect seems to be much tougher than some other aspects of the game.


    NBA 2K16 is one of the best game in the category of sports simulation games with one of the best graphics out there. Additionally, gameplay and the animations are very good developed. Visual Concepts expected a lot from this game. However, they could not even hope for such a positive feedback that the game had after the release from the players.

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    Game:NBA 2K16 My Park
    Official Site: nba2k.com
    AKA: NBA 2K16 MP
    Release Date: 09/29/15
    Series: NBA 2K
    Studios: Visual Concepts
    Publishers: 2K Sports
    Genre: Sports, Basketball
    Modes: Single-player, Multiplayer
    Image credit: 2K Sports
    Image credit: 2K Sports
    Image credit: 2K Sports

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