MLB The Show 17
    MLB The Show 17 will be a much-appreciated improvement for players who wanted better animations and a crisper visual experience.

    MLB The Show 17 is the latest title to be released in this long-running series of officially licensed baseball games. Upon its 28 March 2017 release, MLB: The Show now boasts a back catalogue of 12 games. The very latest iteration is available exclusively on PS4, offering both single-player and multiplayer functionality.


    The premise is simply to give baseball fans a realistic game that draws in the official imagery from Major League Baseball (MLB). As a result, the player should expect to encounter the teams, stars, and tournament structure that they know and love.


    As an annual franchise, MLB The Show veterans will be eager to learn that improvements have been made on past iterations. From the outset, it will be the visual changes that are most common. For starters, the menus have a refreshed look and are easier to navigate.

    Meanwhile, the in-game lighting has been significantly improved after recent criticisms from players. In the past, it would be common for MLB The Show games to display vast patches of shadow that frustratingly restricted the player’s ability to clearly see what was going on.

    Animations have also been improved to create a more authentic experience, with the virtual players adjusting their actions to more accurately reflect the situation. The end result is a team of defenders who are more likely to support the player’s efforts in attempting to get the opposing batter out.

    When choosing modes, the three main ones are Road to The Show (single-player career), Diamond Dynasty (online teams), and Franchise (season). Of course, it will also be possible for players to compete one-on-one against each other online.


    Annual sports games can only hope to improve on what came before, and MLB The Show 17 achieves exactly that with enhanced in-game animations and more smoothly performing online games.

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    Game:MLB The Show 17
    Platforms: PlayStation 4
    Official Site: theshow.com
    AKA: MLB17
    Release Date: 03/28/17
    Series: MLB: The Show
    Studios: SIE San Diego Studio
    Publishers: Sony
    Genre: Sports, Baseball
    Modes: Single-player, Multiplayer
    Games in Series: MLB15 MLB16
    Image credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment
    Image credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment
    Image credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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