MLB 15: The Show
    MLB 15: The Show brings the baseball diamond to life with its gameplay, visuals and a roster that features all Major League Baseball athletes.

    MLB 15: The Show is the sports simulation game that was developed by Sony San Diego and that was released by Sony Computer Entertainment back in March 2015. The game is available on several gaming consoles and platforms and those are PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4. This installment is the tenth installment of the MLB: The Show franchise. The game is based on the Major League Baseball and it has once again proven to be one of the best recreations for the fans of Baseball. For those players who were fans of the last year's game you will be more than thrilled with the 2015 version of the MLB: The Show game because we could not find any serious issue that might ruin the experience of playing this game.

    In comparison to the previous installment of this franchise, this version does not offer anything revolutionary that would make it much better than previous versions. However, it does introduce several smaller improvements to the already existing modes that make them even more appealing and good. One of the main improvements that this version introduced is the much better graphics. Even though last year’s version looked great when played on PlayStation 4, MLB 15: The Show looks even better. One of the small stuff that made a huge difference in that regards is the introduction of the seasonal sun that makes the image clearer and better. This also improves the game of light and shadows that contribute to the amazing graphics of the game. This game also looks more realistic that the previous installments. The main reason for that is that the crowd in this game has been created much more realistic and they feel alive more than in any other game in the MLB series.

    Considering the very game of baseball, some improvements were also done in that regard as well. One of the most obvious improvements is the introduction of the directional hitting. In MLB 15: The Show, hitting the ball feels much more logical but in the beginning it may feel that it is hard to understand. Besides that, great features of pitching that were used in MLB 14 are also part of the MLB 15: The Show game. All the game modes that were part of the last year's game are also included in this game as well. But in this game, every mode went through some improvements and as such they are the best in this franchise yet. For example, when playing in a single-player mode a career option you will now have the opportunity to continue our career from the MLB 14 game which was not the case with previous games.


    MLB 15: The Show is most definitely successful sequel of the already successful MLB 14: The Show game. Even though it does not introduce any significant new features, MLB 15 is the new highest peak that the Sony Computer Entertainment has reaching with this franchise. In our opinion, MLB 15: The Show is the game worth playing because it provides all the charms that the actual game of baseball brings.

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    Game:MLB 15: The Show
    Official Site: theshow.com
    AKA: MLB15
    Release Date: 03/31/15
    Series: MLB: The Show
    Studios: SIE San Diego Studio
    Publishers: Sony
    Genre: Sports, Baseball
    Modes: Single-player, Multiplayer
    Games in Series: MLB17 MLB16
    Image credit: Sony Computer Entertainment

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