Minecraft is one of the best looking, most challenging and addictive indie games ever created and the recipient of thousands of prestigious awards.

    Minecraft is an original sandbox videogame created by Marcus Persson, a visionary Swedish game designer. He extracted an astonishing amount from the simple gameplay and it even made it in the competitive eSports arena. In the absence of specific goals, players can accomplish anything once they set their mind to it and create an amazing world in the process.

    Minecraft Gameplay

    The gameplay of the three-dimensional sandbox videogame is played by default in first person but players can switch to third person view. At the cornerstone of the gameplay is the breaking and placing of blocks to create a world of 3-D objects. Players can choose between several gameplay modes and Minecraft also empowers players to create new gameplay mechanics and items using the modding features.

    In survival mode, players gather resources and use them to build the world they envision. Players can also switch to creative mode where they gain access to unlimited resources and can even fly above the world they’ve created. Last but definitely not least, the Minecraft gameplay has an adventure mode where players create their own maps and spectator games of their peers.

    Minecraft Graphics and Sounds

    Minecraft visuals are truly innovative and despite the coarse graphics, the end result is amazing. The complex crafting system and the freedom granted to players occasionally results in masterpieces being created. In Minecraft, imagination and hard work can create real gems and players are encouraged to share their creations. The non-lyrical ambient music and the background tunes were praised by both players and critics.


    Minecraft is a fantastic indie game that greatly exceeded expectations and the only one to be embraced by the eSports community. Played alone or with friends, it keeps players hooked for long hours and empowers them to create some amazing worlds from scratch.

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    Official Site: minecraft.net
    AKA: Minecraft
    Release Date: 11/18/11
    Studios: Mojang
    Publishers: Microsoft Studios, Sony, Mojang
    Genre: Sandbox
    Modes: Single-player, Multiplayer
    Image credit: Mojang
    Image credit: Mojang
    Image credit: Mojang

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