Metal Storm
    MetalStorm dares players to take it to the sky and play for free a great looking simulation game developed by Z2Live Games.

    MetalStorm is a flight combat simulation game that was developed by Z2Live Games who attempted to use the moment of popularity of free online games by creating and releasing this game. Just like many other similar games, this game also uses in-play purchase system.

    The important thing with this game is that you will not be able to play the game without first purchasing the jet. There are three game modes that you can play in and you will be able to select the one you like the best.

    With each finish game you will get experience points and tokens that you can later use in order to buy better and stronger jets. The controls for this game are very simple and it does not take a long time for a player to understand them. Although in the beginning it might be fun to play this game in a single player mode, however, this game was created to be played online together with other people so the multiplayer mode is the best option to play in.

    This game is free-to-play so there are no requirements that you need to fulfill in order to play. However, constant demands for upgrades and updates might make the experience of playing this game bad.

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    Game:Metal Storm
    Platforms: Nintendo NES
    Official Site: irem.co.jp
    AKA: MetalStorm
    Release Date: 01/02/91
    Studios: Irem, Tamtex
    Publishers: Irem
    Genre: Platformer
    Modes: Single-player

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