Madden NFL 17
    Madden NFL 17 gameplay is more challenging and at the same time more rewarding than its predecessors, while the visuals are much better.

    For the fans of American Football, there are surely few video games more exciting than EA Sports’ Madden NFL. The latest edition of the popular game, Madden NFL 17, features plenty of changes to gameplay, which we have grown accustomed to.

    This time around, the gameplay focuses on the running game, a trend set by the real life NFL teams and so well integrated into the game by EA Sports. The game did the same in the previous two editions, which focused more on defensive part of the game and the receiving, both trends in the NFL at the time.

    It is very nice to see EA continue to follow the trends set by the actual players, and this is not felt just in the focus on the running game, but also in the very distinct features of each of the teams and the players.

    Let’s have a closer look at some of the new features and upgrades the 28th iteration of the game has brought us.

    Madden NFL 17 Gameplay

    Madden 17 gameplay is nothing short of spectacular. The game forces the players to continually push buttons to make spins or juke as they advance down the pitch and try to conquer those extra yards. The play style of each of the teams is felt in actual gameplay as fast and strong players can make decisive runs and take players to the ground as they run up field, making the game more consistent with actual NFL.

    The game now really allows you to feel the player you are playing, unlike some of the old editions of Madden where it didn’t matter too much which player was used and passing play was more important. Overall speaking, the player will need to adjust to each team they are playing and learn their strengths and weaknesses before they can truly start beating the game.

    The new Madden game also brings a lot more exciting defensive play. Madden 16’s defense was fairly boring and you could literally let the AI defend for you, while Madden 17 improves on this quite significantly and allows players to have a lot more impact on the defensive play. The game now enables us to use controls and interrupt opposition’s passes and plays and have a lot more impact on the outcome of every single attack by our opponent.

    One feature of Madden NFL 17 that kind of disappoints are the special team plays which seem to only work really well in training but in actual gameplay almost never come into play and don’t really play too much of an impact on the overall game. They are a nice touch though and something little extra for the fans of NFL to be excited about.

    Madden 17 can be daunting to someone who has not played previous editions of the game, but the game includes plenty of instructions and a training mode where the basic plays can be learned, such as how to read formations and how to line up properly before we actually jump into the games.

    Madden NFL 17 Modes

    We could not expect the game to change the gameplay modes too much in just a year, and this is certainly the case with Madden 17. Players will have access to Draft Champions mode identical to that in Madden 16 and a slightly upgraded Ultimate Team mode with a few new customization options.

    Of course, for most players who enjoy playing the game, the Franchise Mode will be the most exciting as it allows us to take control of one of the teams and develop it through seasons, make decisive strategic plays on and off the pitch, draft young players and develop them into monsters and simply do everything possible to develop our franchise.

    The Franchise Mode this time around includes the Play The Moments super-sim, which allows us to take charge of our team only during the crucial moments of the game, quickly advancing through the weeks, but still having an important impact on the development of our franchise.

    Madden NFL 17 Competitions

    To make things even more exciting, EA are throwing two competitions in the game, the NFL Madden Championship Series and the EA Major Series. The competitions feature $1.000.000 in prize money each and allow players to compete in various gameplay modes and earn cash prizes for their achievements in the game.

    Of course, this is quite common in today’s games with thousands of players lining up, trying to get a piece of the ever growing eSports cake. While Madden is not the kind of eSport Dota2 or Lol are, there is definitely some money up for grabs and we recommend jumping into the competitions and trying your skills against the opposition whenever you can.


    Madden 17 has been released for Playstation 3 and 4 and Xbox 360 and One and so far seems like one of the best editions of the game in the last decade. The game features plenty of changes to gameplay, focusing more on the running game and improving the defensive gameplay, generally giving more of the command to the player.

    The game has received very positive ratings from all the major reviewers and we give it an easy 8.5/10 overall as it is easily one of the best football games to ever appear on the market as well as one of the finest sports simulations in general.

    Madden NFL 17 Competitions


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    I guess the EA Sports guys are popping those champagne bottles, now that the New England Patriots staged that incredible comeback against the Falcons. I always knew that Madden 17 has plenty to offer and I’m confident that after this spectacular Super Bowl, more will feel the same way. It brings so many new features and improves the gameplay so much, that it’s really a treat for us American football fans.


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