Madden NFL 15
    Madden NFL 15 is an American football simulator featuring the best athletes from the National Football League and engaging game modes.

    Madden NFL 15 is the game that was developed on the basis of the National Football League and in its essence it is a sports simulation game. The game was developed and released by EA Sports in August of 2014. This installment from the Madden NFL video game franchise was developed for all the major video gaming consoles and platforms among which are PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. What seems to be the first impressive of the game is that it has improved in many features which is very satisfying for all the fans of the franchise.

    Features & Modes

    One of the features that was improved in the new installment of the game is the defensive play. In the previous installments of this game, there was not a lot of focus on the defensive play at all. However, the 2014 version of this game corrected that and paid much more attention to this aspect of the game as well. In this game, you are actually feeling like you are in the control of what the players are doing while in defense while in the previous versions of the game you just watched what the players are doing on their own. One of the biggest changes in regards to the defensive feature of the game is the fact that with this game you are able to control your tackles and how those tackles will turn out in the game.

    Some of the most popular features of the previous installments are also part of this game as well. Features like Connected Franchise and Ultimate Team have once again been included in the gameplay of the Madden NFL 15. These features, however, were slightly improved but not changed too much. One of the improvements is that there is no need to pay much attention to the reserves and instead you have more time to devote your attention to the first team and how the game will turn out with those players.

    Amazing Graphics

    Following the trend of the most recent games, EA Sports decided that Madden NFL 15 will also be a part of the NextGen games that are being developed for the latest versions of the video gaming platforms and consoles. Because of that the graphics and the animation in the game has been developed taking into account all the trends in the video gaming industry. The graphics and the animation of the game, together with the sound in this game make this game the best game from this franchise in regards to getting close to the realistic representation as possible.


    After the previous installment of the Madden NFL franchise was a complete failure, Madden NFL 15 seems like a new start for this franchise. Looking at everything that EA Sports has done with this installment we can say that the future of this franchise looks very bright. They learned on the mistakes from the previous installments and corrected those mistakes with the 2014 version of the game. With all of this being said, it is important to mention that players will have great experience and enjoyment playing the NFL video game more than ever before.

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    Game:Madden NFL 15
    Official Site: easports.com
    AKA: NFL 15
    Release Date: 08/26/14
    Series: Madden NFL
    Studios: EA Tiburon
    Publishers: EA Sports
    Genre: Sports, American Football
    Modes: Single-player, Multiplayer
    Games in Series: NFL 18 MUT 17 MUT 16 NFL 16 NFL 17
    Image credit: EA Electronic Arts

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