League of Legends
    League of Legends is the most played MOBA game, with a huge roster of heroes, hundreds of unique skills and millions of fans worldwide.

    First launched all the way back in 2009 by Riot Games, League of Legends is one of the finest MOBA games ever created. The game has been around for 7 years now, and in that time it was awarded a number of prestigious awards such as the Golden Joystick Award for Online Game of The Year and the BAFTA Games Award for Persistent Game. 

    While most other games simply come and go, League of Legends has left its mark on an entire generation, as thousands of players have been playing it continually for years, which is insight enough into just how complex and extensive LoL really is.

    While possibly losing its number one place on the list of MOBA games to Dota 2, League of Legends remains one of the finest games in the genre and one of the most competitive eSports on the planet, with hundreds of professional gaming teams specializing in this particular game.

    League of Legends Gameplay

    Similar to other MOBA (multiplayer online combat arena) games, League of Legends features five v five gameplay in a mix of real time strategy and role playing gaming. Every player takes control of one character, called Champion and teams of five compete against each other for supremacy on one of the game’s many maps.

    League of Legends features extensive choice of heroes, with over 100 available, many of them completely free. As you advance in the game, playing online matches and collecting points, you will be able to unlock new Champions or purchase them with real world money at a very affordable price.

    At the bottom of things, LoL is a completely free to play game, as all things you can buy with cash can be obtained through gameplay as well. Once you have picked your Champion, you will jump into one of the many online games, where the game’s system will make sure to team you up with other players of a similar skill level to your own.

    A League of Legends match comes down to the two teams starting in the opposing corners of the map and competing down the three lanes that connect the bases to advance to their opponents’ base and destroy it. Once this is done, the match is complete, but what comes in between is where the skill is truly shown.

    Each Champion in League Of Legends possesses their own unique set of spells, abilities and passive effects that is combined with a set of in game items you can purchase to make your Champion even more powerful. With such a huge variety of Chapions, items and abilities you can obtain, a true player will have to know many of them, in order to be able to anticipate the opponents’ possible next move.

    Players use their Champion in one of the many possible roles. While some Champions are made to dish out huge amounts of damage to enemy Champions and minions, others are there to support the damage dealers or take multiple opponents on as others dish out the damage.

    The Champion leveling up is done through killing off enemies, both the Champions and the randomly spawned minions, or the computer controlled NPCs who sometimes give you additional awards. Other than experience points, players also gain in game gold for every kill they make and a variety of other accomplishments, which is used to purchase the in game items to make your Champions even better.

    At the very bottom of things, League of Legends is an incredibly exciting and strategically complex game in which the team members will have to use communication and sound strategic thinking if they are to win the match. If you are already someone who has played another MOBA, you will find that LoL features a somewhat faster paced and more exciting gameplay than many of the other similar games, with more area of effect spells and faster spell cool downs, which means more havoc and destruction.

    League of Legends Graphics and Sounds

    League of Legends has been in a state of constant development for 7 years now and has been upgraded and improved with each passing year. Looking at it today, LoL is an absolute masterpiece, with fast, smooth and engaging graphics that will make a player feel like a part of the game and completely immerse them and equally engaging sound effects and voices that leave an impact of their own.

    Some of the amazing graphics elements in LoL include the Champion and spell animations, beautiful looking maps and even the in game menus such as the one where you select your Champion. On the overall, most elements of the game have been done to graphical perfection and while the game launcher could certainly use some work on it is probably the only part of the game that we could set apart from the otherwise wonderfully created game.

    The sounds of spells, patented exclamations by each particular Champion and plenty of other audio effects make the game world really come alive and bring the player into all the action instead of feeling like a bystander and do a better job of making the game seem as real as possible than many other MOBAs.

    League of Legends: From Amateur to Pro

    League of Legends is one of those games where you can really play at many different levels. For instance, if you have never played the game at all, it may take you weeks to really even master how the game is player, what role you should take with what type of a Champion and remember the most basic elements such as what items to purchase and when to do so.

    On the other hand, many players have spent years playing the game and are now actively playing in professional gaming teams that enter League of Legends tournaments where they can potentially win millions of dollars of sponsor money each and every year.

    League of Legends is one of the few most popular eSports on the planet and is definitely more than just a video game. Unlike many other video games, League of Legends is a career path for many and an obsession for many others, while millions of fans play it as a hobby on a daily basis.

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    Just when I thought League of Legends couldn’t possibly get more cartoonish, the guys at Riot surprised me once again. I’m not going to complain though, because quite frankly this is the best MOBA game out there and my all time favorite. If you are still struggling to get out of Bronze, I feel for you because the community can be pretty toxic there. However, at the higher altitude where I’m currently flying, PVP is terrific and the games are worth recording. Let’s just hope that this is my springboard to the eSports arena


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