Home Run Battle 2
    Homerun Battle 2 makes baseball fun to play on mobile devices, with a fast paced and immersive gameplay and decent visuals.

    Homerun Battle 2 was developed and published by South Korean company, Com2uS that deals with the development and publishing of the games for mobile phones. Homerun Battle 2 game is the game in which you deal with the simulations of the battles. The goal that is set forth in this game is to have as many home runs as it is possible. Additionally, this game also provides opportunity to play in several different modes. In one mode you will be required to make as many fouls as you can make in a rapid manner.

    For many players, Homerun Battle 2, will look similar to many other games from the same developer. That can actually be the company's motto. They seem to be driven by thoughts if something is good and it is successful do not change it. Homerun Battle 2 predecessors proved very successful in the worlds and the second installment of that game is only a slight improved of the previous installments.

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    Game:Home Run Battle 2
    Platforms: Android iOS Mobile Phone
    Official Site: withhive.com
    AKA: HRB 2
    Release Date: 09/05/16
    Studios: Com2uS
    Publishers: Com2uS
    Genre: Sports, Baseball
    Modes: Single-player, Multiplayer
    Image credit: Com2uS
    Image credit: Com2uS
    Image credit: Com2uS

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