Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft
    Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft is the only free to play trading card game from Blizzard, featuring all the iconic heroes from its epic universe.

    Blizzard Entertainment’s Warcraft franchise is one of the most popular ever, with their World Of Warcraft continually drawing in millions of players for years on end. This is probably one of the reasons the company decided to introduce a trading card game as well in their Heartstone: Heroes Of Warcraft. 

    Heartstone is a completely free to play trading card game by Blizzard Entertainment that appeals heavily to the fans of the Warcraft franchise but also other people who enjoy playing the trading card games in general. The game features very simple rules of gameplay and probably the most sleek graphics a trading card game could possibly have. 
    While it may not offer nearly as many gameplay options as the World Of Warcraft and may be “just” a trading card game, its immersive nature will likely have you hooked after just a few matches and if it had a few things it currently misses the game would likely be even more addictive. 

    Heartstone: Heroes Of Warcraft Gameplay

    Heartstone is a classic trading card game, where players create decks of playing cards out of those available to them and unlock new cards with either in game currency they can earn or real world money. While players do have the option of buying the cards for real money, most people will end up earning the cards through playing and winning matches and in game gold. 

    The game features well over 100 cards split into classes such as priest, warlock and mage, in a true World Of Warcraft style. The game includes playing cards that include minion cards you can put in play and spell cards you can use when it is your turn to deal damage, heal your minions or create other positive and negative effects on the battlefield. 
    Players act in turns, drawing and playing their cards out of the pre made decks  they create out of the cards at their disposal. Just playing the game will usually see you earn a new pack of cards every day or two but it can take ages to unlock all the epic and legendary cards in the game through normal gameplay. 

    The rules of Heartsone: Heroes Of Warcraft are fairly simple but there is still plenty of strategy to take into consideration when playing and the more advanced players will always have an edge. Thankfully, an in game system is in place making sure that you are matched with players of a similar skill level, which guarantees you don’t get pummeled into the ground by a much more advanced player. 

    The game does still come with a certain dose of chance, with things left to probability on many occasions, a lot more often than in games such as Magic: The Gathering, which will be a bit disappointing to the hardcode trading card games fans. Still, most times it is the strategically better player who will prevail and there is little room for playing cards at random and hoping to win matches. 

    The tiny bit of chance is normal for any card game, but we would love to see just a bit less of it in Heartstone. What we would like to see more of is certainly the selection of in game store items, which are reduced to a minimum as if the company doesn’t want players to spend money on extras and a card trading system, which would make the game more social and make it more likely for players to get their hands on the rare cards they need. 

    Still, on the overall the gameplay of Heartstone: Heroes Of Warcraft is pretty advanced and the game’s competitive nature has already made countless people fall completely in love with the game. 

    Heartstone: Heroes Of Warcraft Graphics and Sounds

    The one area where Hearstone totally stands out from the crowd is definitely the audiovisual identity. Every little graphical detail has been polished to the maximum, with every card looking perfect, spell and effect animations absolutely astonishingly made and every single minion card having its own visual and sound effect for entering the game. 
    Both the sound and the visual effects have been taken from World Of Warcraft for a big part, so don’t be surprised to see a big blizzard cast over your cards or a huge pyroblast coming your way, all of it in a spectacular fashion. The battle sounds your and your opponent’s minions will make are just as recognizable and engaging and Blizzard have truly gone out of their way to create a fun and exciting gameplay atmosphere. 


    Heartstone: Heroes Of Warcraft is a truly spectacular card game which has already managed to lure in hundreds of thousands of fans with its amazing graphics, smooth gameplay and of course, the World Of Warcraft background. 

    The game has only a few minor drawbacks, and these certainly include the lack of any kind of a tournament mode and card trading system. Along with this, the amount of store items that can be bought for real money is fairly limited, to a point where you may be left wanting to spend your money but having nothing to spend it on. 
    Despite lacking in these few elements, Heartstone is a fantastic game, coming very high in the list of the best trading card games and you can expect to enjoy hundreds of hours of entertaining multiplayer gameplay with it if you are into such games. 

    What’s even better is that we know Blizzard doesn’t like leaving their games sitting still for too long, so we can expect regular updates and changes to the game in the years to come and this makes it all the more exciting to be a part of the Heartstone: Heroes Of Warcraft fandom. 

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    Game:Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft
    Official Site: blizzard.com
    AKA: Hearthstone
    Release Date: 03/11/14
    Series: Warcraft
    Studios: Blizzard Entertainment
    Publishers: Blizzard Entertainment
    Genre: Cards
    Modes: Single-player, Multiplayer
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    Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment
    Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment

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