H1Z1: Just Survive
    H1Z1: Just Survive is a MMO developed by Daybreak that approaches the niche of zombie survival videogames differently.

    H1Z1: Just Survive is a survival massively multiplayer online game publisher developed by Daybreak Game Company. It can be played on Microsoft Windows PCs and its action takes place in a future devastated by a zombie apocalypse. The game was released in January 2015 as an early access videogame on Steam Was and was initially plagued by technical issues.

    Gameplay of H1Z1: Just Survive

    The videogame dwells on the popular topic of a world trying to cope with the zombie apocalypse. As a survival sandbox MMO, it has players fighting an array of infected creatures including wildlife and zombies. Fighting monsters represents a significant component of the H1Z1: Just Survive gameplay, but players are also supposed to perform other tasks. They must interact with fellow survivors, scavenge for food, gather resources and build shelters. Players need to find the perfect balance between achieving economic and social stability and fighting zombies.

    H1Z1: Just Survive Graphics and Sounds

    The game spent a lot of time in development and the team working on it came up with a visually satisfying product. The large environments encourage players to explore the surroundings, in their endless search for resources. Interactions with other survivors highlight the fine graphics, whereas the sound effects create the feeling of impending doom when fighting zombies. The only thing that is missing is a voice chat and some players also complained against frame rate issues.


    H1Z1: Just Survive is a videogame that emphasizes the importance of gameplay and perfect planning to survive a zombie apocalypse. Compared to its counterparts who have the brain-hungry creatures as a backdrop for PvP, this massively multiplayer online game compels players to take a methodical approach.

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    Game:H1Z1: Just Survive
    Official Site: h1z1.com
    AKA: H1Z1
    Release Date: 01/15/15
    Series: H1Z1
    Studios: Daybreak Game Company
    Publishers: Daybreak Game Company
    Genre: MMORPG, Sandbox
    Modes: Online multiplayer
    Games in Series: H1Z1:KOTK
    Image credit: Daybreak Game Company
    Image credit: Daybreak Game Company
    Image credit: Daybreak Game Company

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