Grand Theft Auto V
    First released for consoles in late 2013 and PC in 2015, Grand Theft Auto V invites players to explore a huge environment and solve complex and challenging quests.

    Grand Theft Auto V is the game that was developed by Rockstar North developing company and that was released by the Rockstar Games. The game was published in 2013 and it was made available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. However, in 2015 Rockstar Games made this game available also for Microsoft Windows. Just like the previous installments, the events of this video game are set in the imaginary city called Los Santos (based on Los Angeles) that is located in the Southern California. This is a single-player video game and the players are playing this game as one of the three criminals who are on a mission of commit heists. However, those three criminals are under big pressure of the police agencies of the country. It is important to emphasize that this game is set in the open world and that means that players have possibility to roam the streets of Los Santos as long as they want to as long as they do not get caught by the police agencies.

    Huge, Historic Success

    After the release, Grand Theft Auto V was very critically acclaimed and it received some of the best criticism that some game has received in the recent period. Some critic platforms such as Metacritic evaluated this game with the 97 out of 100 which places it among the top ranked games according to Metacritic. Some critics even went that far and called this game one of the best that has ever been released so far. A lot of was expected from this game and now three years after the release of this game we can say that the expectation were fulfilled and that Grand Theft Auto V delivered much more than the initial expectations were. Interestingly enough, the open world that Grand Theft Auto is introducing in this game is the biggest so far and it enables the player to wonder the street of the imaginary city for hours if not for days.

    Focus on Storytelling and Characters

    It may sound weird for some players out there but Grand Theft Auto V managed to display even some satirical messages that games are not expected to deliver. This game is actually an excellent satirical depiction of today's Untied States of America and every corner that you visit while playing this game will give some new satirical information about the life in the United States. Players will be able to see the message that the game is trying to convey through representing the life in the United States as it did. Even certain social media were left untouched by this satirical approach. For example, in the game you will notice that there is a social network called Life Invader that hugely resembles Facebook and the name of the social network says it all.

    Just like previous installments of this franchise, the America presented in this game is full of violence and criminal and there will be hardy any normal person that you will encounter while you wonder through the streets of Los Santos. Michael, Franklin and Trevor are the three thieves that were previously mention and whose destinies we are following by playing the game through their perspective. The game provides the player with the opportunity of switching from one character to another in any given moment depending on the wishes of the player. Each character is a mission for themselves and each character deals with different issues in their life. For example, Michael will spend a lot of time attempting to resolve family problems while Franklin will attempt to solve the problems in his neighborhood.

    One of the most characteristic features of the game and one feature that was improved in comparison to the previous installments are the conversation that characters are having on their missions. Besides that, these conversations provide an opportunity for a better look and a better understanding of the three main characters as well as of the people in their surroundings. However, even Grand Theft Auto V was not without its controversies and the criticism by many social groups all around the world.

    One of the most popular controversies and criticism of this game is revolving around the treatment of women in the game. Rockstar was criticized for depicting women in a way that they did. The main issues of this controversy was that the only women in the game were depicted as strippers or prostitute. However, the closer look at the entire game reveals that even this is one part of the satirical deeper message that this game is delivering. However, criticism remain to this day and despite that criticism, Rockstar is refusing to change any segment of the game which definitely makes them consistent to their main idea.

    Seamless Character Switch

    Besides the gameplay and the scenario that were developed amazingly, probably the best feature of the Grand Theft Auto V is the possibility to shift between characters at any given moment as we have mentioned previously. This makes the game interesting and it makes sure that there are no boring periods in the game in which a certain character would aimlessly wander the streets of the imaginary city. Because of that, the chaotic situation, which has somehow became the trademark of the Grand Theft Auto franchise, will always be happening in front of one of the three main characters in this game.

    What Rockstar managed to do with this game and what the previous installments of this game were perhaps lacking is to create the world that actually seems alive and to certain degree realistic. The skills feature of this game have also been improved and in this version of the game player will be able to further develop the characters' skills by doing certain actions. For example, the driving skills of the characters will be improved if you managed to drive through the city at high speed, by racing or by avoiding clashes. Similar concept was present in the previous installments, but Grand Theft Auto V took it to the next level.


    Grand Theft Auto V is really more than just a video game. With the realistic and satirical approach to depicting the current situation in the United States Grand Theft Auto proved to be one of the most realistic games out there. Those who played the previous installments of this game will enjoy this version as well and those who are just beginning to play this game will soon be hooked to this game. The open world created in this game will enable players to wonder the streets of Los Santos for a long period of time.

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    GTA V is an excellent game that has a ton of aspects. If you're into racing, heists, missions, or just running around in an open world, GTA V will fulfill your needs. The biggest upside to this game is that there is just so much stuff to do, you'll be playing it for years before you run out of options!


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    My favorite game of all times!!!


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    Game:Grand Theft Auto V
    Official Site: rockstargames.com
    AKA: GTA 5
    Release Date: 09/17/13
    Series: Grand Theft Auto
    Studios: Rockstar North, Rockstar Games
    Publishers: Rockstar Games
    Genre: Third-person shooter, Action-adventure
    Modes: Single-player, Multiplayer
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    Image credit: Rockstar Games
    Image credit: Rockstar Games

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