Gran Turismo 6
    Grand Turismo 6 is the latest installment in the franchise published by Sony, bringing new cars and more than 100 characters in the spotlight.

    Grand Turismo 6 is a fast-paced racing videogame released worldwide in 2013 by Sony. Developed by Polyphony Digital, it is one of the most successful installments in the Grand Turismo franchise and can be played exclusively on PlayStation 3. It took customization to the next level, introduced dozens of new vehicles and a plethora of innovative features. This was also one of the few games that benefited from partnerships with prestigious organizations, such as NASA, FIA and The Ayrton Senna Institute.

    Grand Turismo 6 Gameplay

    Grand Turismo 6 took the game mechanics of the previous installments and greatly refined them. This remains a straight up racing videogame, but with superior controls. The available cars are more responsive than ever before and prone to customization. Players get to choose between nearly 140 characters and can make their vehicles truly unique. In anticipation of a new race, they also have new tricks up their sleeves, such as false starts.

    The Grand Turismo 6 gameplay is centered on individual races, but players can also play the long game and participate in tournaments. During the single player campaign, players can compete in the exhausting Le Mans tournament or sign up for a quick race. Developers paid little attention to the other game mechanics that new racing games are emphasizing. Drafts and other special game modes are not to be found, but traditional races are more realistic.

    Grand Turismo 6 Graphics and Sounds

    Grand Turismo 6 is without a doubt the best looking videogame in the entire franchise. The newly added cars were crafted in partnership with Red Bull and can be found in the "X" series. These are the best looking models and an avatar of the latest technologies, but classic cars were also improved. Players also have the possibility of tinkering with their vehicles, to make them better looking. They have the option of looking beneath the hood and are bound to be impressed by the attention developers paid to details.

    The soundtrack of this new installment consists of a mix of songs produced by world famous bands. Beck, Nine Inch Nails, Palma Violets, The Kills, Boys Noize and Camo & Krooked tunes can be heard in the menu and in anticipation of the races. Overtaking opponents while listening to songs from Depeche Mode, CHVRCHES, Miike Snow Underworld and Amon Tobin makes playing the game more exciting.


    Grand Turismo 6 appeals to both car experts and racing videogame fans. It doesn’t lack the polish of its predecessor and makes the preparations for the race as exciting as the event itself. Customizing the car can take a lot of time but the end result makes the effort worthwhile. Despite having fewer game modes than some of its counterparts, it offers one of the most authentic racing experiences.

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    Gave this game a try because I love cars... and I also love racing. Great graphics but not the best there is for sure, however in terms of tracks, GT6 absolutely kills everything else out there. It is indeed one of the best selection of circuits assembled for a racing video game. however I just got my new playstation 4 and the game wont run on it... that's a shame.


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    Game:Gran Turismo 6
    Platforms: PlayStation 3
    AKA: GT6
    Release Date: 12/05/13
    Series: Gran Turismo
    Studios: Polyphony Digital
    Publishers: Sony
    Genre: Racing
    Modes: Single-player, Multiplayer
    Image credit: Sony Computer Entertainment

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