Fun Run 2
    Fun Run 2 is a simple and addictive free race game running smoothly on mobile devices powered by iOS and Android.

    Fun Run 2 is Dirtybit game, similar to the original sequel Fun Run. It is a free race game made for Android, iPad, iPhone and Kindle Fire and released in April 2015. The game can include maximum of four players from around the world to race each other in order to win. Players, however, can also create a race between their friends and that way win more coins. Each game can last up to 45 seconds and the levels get repetitive, but it is quite interesting, especially if you play with friends.

    At the start of the game every player receives an item which can help them win the race. Players try to avoid other players to attack as well as obstacles that can slow them down. All players can win weekly awards.

    All in all, players can earn rank points if they achieve one of the first two positions in a race.  Top player can receive special Gold skin for his character.  On the other hand, the other top players may receive coins, an amount depending on their performance. In this, second version, players can personalize their characters or give them some cosmetic improvements like gold chains, glasses with different shapes and colours, helmets or hats, shoes, or can even turn their characters into zombies.

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    Game:Fun Run 2
    Platforms: Android iOS Mobile Phone
    Official Site: dirtybit.com
    AKA: FunRun2
    Release Date: 10/06/16
    Studios: dirtyBit
    Publishers: dirtyBit
    Genre: Racing
    Modes: Single-player, Multiplayer

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