Fractured Space
    Fractured Space promotes a different type of MOBA game, one every bit as competitive as the classics, but whose action unfolds in outer space.

    Fractured Space is an original free to play team-based game that bears many similarities with the MOBA genre. Instead of controlling heroes, players command large battleships and go on an all out war in outer space. The emphasis is on the multiplayer, where the game shines the brightest and this is what makes it a strong candidate for eSports.

    Fractured Space Gameplay

    The single player serves as a tutorial for players to learn the ropes with the Fractured Space gameplay. There are more than 40 ships to control, each with a primary and secondary fire, plus unique abilities. Just like most MOBAs, the gameplay of this team-based title is centered on the three lane battles between players protecting their basis. Outer bases contain forward outposts and mines that produce resources for the team in control of them. Players can upgrade their ships and hone their abilities, which make them deadly on the battlefield. The condition of victory is to capture the enemy base.

    Fractured Space Graphics and Sounds

    Fractured Space developers wanted to make sure that the 40+ vessels were not only equipped with unique weapons and skills, but also looked different. During the heat of the battle, when all the spaceships are firing at their opponents, the images are breathtaking. The game is free to play, but users can spend real money currency to unlock more skins, crew drops and skins. The latter serve only a visual purpose, without affecting the game balance.


    Fractured Space is more than a welcome distraction for those who love the MOBA genre, but seek something slightly different. The space battles are just as intense as the ones between lore heroes, but they look and feel more epic. This free to play game is guaranteed to keep enthusiastic players in front of their computers for many hours. The most talented and dedicated ones can have a future in the eSports arena.

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    Game:Fractured Space
    Official Site: fracturedspace.com
    AKA: World of Starships
    Release Date: 09/22/16
    Studios: Edge Case Games Ltd.
    Publishers: Edge Case Games Ltd.
    Genre: MOBA, Strategy
    Modes: Multiplayer
    Image credit: Edge Case Games LTD.
    Image credit: Edge Case Games LTD.
    Image credit: Edge Case Games LTD.

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