For Honor
    For Honor takes players on a memorable journey to medieval times, when Vikings, Knights and Samurai fight a seemingly endless war for world dominance.

    For Honor is an action fighting video game developed by Ubisoft and released in 2017 on Valentine’s Day. It can be enjoyed on PCs, as well as Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles, with action taking place in medieval times. Vikings, Knights and Samurai fight for supremacy in a war stirred by the maleficent leader of the Blackstone Legion.

    For Honor Gameplay

    The Legion, The Chosen and The Warborn are the three factions, each featuring four classes. Players can choose between these heroes belonging to the Vanguard, the Assassin, the Heavies and the Hybrids. They wield different weapons and have unique skills, which makes the gameplay For Honor more complex and balanced than most fighting video games. The Art of Battle tactical combat system takes PvP action to the next level as it reveals the weaknesses of players.

    The initial roaster of heroes was expanded by Ubisoft and the developers intend to introduce new classes. As players advance in the single player campaign, they unlock new abilities and superior gear. The For Honor gameplay is further enhanced by the boost that players receive for killing several enemies in a row. Heroes gain Feats and they become lethal on the battlefield by inflicting more damage.

    For Honor Graphics and Sounds

    Ubisoft spent significant resources on the development of For Honor, in an attempt to produce the best looking game of 2017. The stunning visuals are showcased in a series of trailers released by the company and focusing on individual heroes. During combat, players have less time to appreciate the fine graphics, but the authentic finishing moves stand out. For Honor also has an amazing original soundtrack composed by Danny Bensi and Saunder Jurriaans.


    For Honor was one of the most anticipated game of 2017 and it met and exceeded most expectations. Among the best fighting video games of all time, it has plenty of depth to keep players at the edge of their seats. Its replayability is insured by the fact that each faction has its own original story and the gameplay is unique for every class. Ubisoft promised minor tweaks to the matchmaking system and wants to make it a prime candidate for the eSports industry.

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    Game:For Honor
    Official Site: forhonor.ubisoft.com
    AKA: ForHonor
    Release Date: 02/14/17
    Studios: Ubisoft Montreal
    Publishers: Ubisoft
    Genre: Fighting
    Modes: Single-player, Multiplayer
    Image credit: Ubisoft
    Image credit: Ubisoft
    Image credit: Ubisoft

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