FIFA 17
    FIFA 17 makes the most of the Frostbite game engine, which allows for vastly superior graphics and a more realistic gameplay.

    Another new autumn means another new iteration of the popular FIFA franchise. As we are well used to, the new FIFA 17 was made available for PC and the consoles so all the gamers can start getting ready for another year or exciting football with arguably the best football game out there.

    FIFA 17 brings a completely new game engine, the Frostbite, along with the new “The Journey” gameplay mode and as usual some changes to the gameplay mechanics, graphics and animations. FIFA 17 is perhaps one of the slowest FIFA games yet and players are not likely to see too many high scoring games in this edition of the game, but the tactical part will blow the fans away.

    So let us have a closer look at how FIFA 17 compares to the previous FIFA games, the new PES 2017 and how it’s looking in general.

    FIFA 17 Gameplay

    EA Sports decided to use the Frostbite gameplay engine this time around, but despite this the game does not feel too much different than previous FIFA titles. In fact, if you are familiar with FIFA 16 gameplay, you will not take too much adjusting to the new FIFA.

    FIFA 17 is a slow paced game, unlike some earlier FIFAs. In this sense, the game is completely different to PES 2017 and there is basically no gameplay resemblance between the two games at all. The slow pace of the game means players will not be able to use the fast paced players to simply rain havoc on the opposition’s goal like they would in PES, which means more tactics will be needed and less goals will be scored.

    One thing that has left plenty of players frustrated in the early weeks of FIFA 17 is certainly the defense, or rather the power of AI in defense. Even in multiplayer matches, leaving the defending up to the AI will be a perfectly sound strategy as long as you are not playing against top notch opponents, which can definitely be very infuriating to the side that is trailing.

    The defenders in FIFA 17 are just as fast paced as the attackers it would seem, leaving almost no room for running around the defense. The pass interception techniques of the defenders are on point as well, which makes the counter attack one of the most powerful weapons in FIFA 17.

    While trying to maintain possession is a technique that has some merit to it, scoring goals from counter attacks will be a far easier way of doing things. Much like Leicester City did last season to win the English Premiership, FIFA 17 players will want to soak up the pressure and fire a quick counter when the defenders are far up the pitch.

    FIFA 17 Graphics and Animations

    In a visual sense, FIFA is an absolute delight. EA used the super realistic graphical engine which lets players clearly distinguish each and every little detail on the pitch along with very entertaining and realistic looking pre match cut scenes and those of goal celebrations.

    Things like player close-ups and the grass on the pitch were made even more realistic than they already were, through the addition of even more details and less saturation in the overall color scheme simply makes the matches appear more like a TV broadcast and less like a video game, which is exactly what EA were hoping to do with the new FIFA.

    The addition of actual team managers to the sidelines is another fun addition, as players will now see the likes of Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola as they cheer them on or get mad at the players when things are not going too well, adding even further realism to the game.

    FIFA 17 “The Journey”

    The Journey is a new gameplay mode in FIFA 17. The Journey uses some of the mechanics from the “Be A Pro” mode and puts you in the shoes of a young and upcoming football player, Alex Hunter. From the early beginnings as a kid, through trials for first professional contracts and all the way to the glory, the player will lead young Alex in training and matches, while watching a number of fairly well acted out cut scenes in-between.

    Campaign modes like this one are not all that common in football simulations but The Journey is something every true fan of football will appreciate as it is a fun story of a player fighting to make something of himself and the player gets to be a part of it. While it may not be the absolute best FIFA 17 has to offer, playing this mode when you simply have nothing to do will be more interesting than just playing random matches against the computer.

    FIFA 17 Multiplayer

    As it is always the case with football games, the true reason FIFA 17 is so popular is the multiplayer. No one really wants to just play against the computer in the long run and there are few games that allow for more competition between players than football simulations.

    FIFA 17 gives you the ability to play against your friends both offline and online, or simply find any number of random opponents on the internet to play against. This means you will never run out of opponents to play and hone your skills and allows for countless number of hours of fun with the game.

    FIFA 17 As an eSport

    eSports are growing by the day as an industry and FIFA 17 is likely to be a big part of it. While not as popular as the likes of CS: GO and Dota2, we expect plenty of big tournaments in the latest FIFA to take place on the world’s biggest stages, with thousands of people watching on.

    One thing we can certainly expect from FIFA 17 tournaments is larger prize pools and even more competition than before as the industry is constantly growing and more and more people are trying to beat the game at the very top level.

    FIFA 17 Competitions


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