FIFA 15
    FIFA 15 captures the very intensity and emotions that make football the most popular sport, with better graphics and 600 new emotional reactions.

    2014 was the year when EA Sports released another installment of the FIFA franchise. This installment, FIFA 15, was developed by EA Canada and it was first released in North America and the releases in the United Kingdom, Ireland and the rest of the world followed soon after that. Just like the previous installment, FIFA 15 was made available for many different platforms such as PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Nintendo 3DS, Wii, Xbox One, PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360. Besides the versions for the gaming consoles, EA also released versions for iOS and Android devices as well as the version for Windows Phone.

    For the first in this franchise history, EA Sports made a huge step in developing players as much realistic as it was possible. For the first time in history, the players in FIFA 15 had ability to maintain memories and to display emotions depending on the situation in which they were or the game that they were playing. In that regard, FIFA 15 introduced more than 600 new emotional reactions for the players depending on the situation among which were selfishness, missed opportunity and many others. Besides the emotions, the new feature that FIFA 15 introduced were also animations that followed game interruptions such as corner kicks or goal out. However, even though the quality of these animations was extraordinary, for some players it might prove to be irritating because these animations take up a lot of time and it gets pretty annoying going through these animations when there is every corner kick or goal out.

    One feature that was taken from the previous installment and was worked on in order to be improved for the FIFA 15 was the graphics that depicted the audience. In this version of the game, players will be able to notice that the cheering of the fans is not the same as in some other versions of the game. In FIFA 15, the reaction and the cheering of the fans depends on the game, team and even the country from which the team is coming from or the country in which the game is being played. All of this was developed as a part of the effort to make the FIFA 15 as realistic as possible.

    In regards to the modes of the game that the FIFA 15 if offering, big changed and improvements happened in the Ultimate Team mode. In this version, the game provides you with the opportunity to customize your team's logo and the kits of your team which is significant improvement in comparison to previous installment because this feature was not the part of the Ultimate Team mode of the FIFA 14. Besides this, another mode was added to the game and that is Concept Squad. However, this mode will only provide you with the opportunity to see what you team could look like and what players might be a part of your team but anyone who played FIFA in this mode knows how difficult is to buy some of the world's best players.


    One of the revolutionary ideas introduced in this game are the emotions that are now available to players. However, even though this is a revolutionary solution it still needs some improvement and we hope that the future installments will work on this issue. The gameplay in FIFA 15 is not much different than the one in FIFA 14 but the animation and the AI of the goalkeepers together with emotions is something that makes this version better than all the previous installments of this franchise.

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