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    FIFA 14 is a football simulation game available across all platforms introducing new game features such as the Ultimate Team.

    FIFA 14 is the football simulation game that was developed by EA Canada and that was released by the EA Sports. The game was released in 2013 and it was available for many different playing consoles or platforms including Microsoft Windows, Wii, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 as well as for the iOS and Android devices.

    FIFA 14 managed to keep some of the best aspects of the previous installment of this franchise but still managed to improve on them and to introduce some new features that became a standard for the future installments. Many features that made previous FIFA great such as online friendly matches, ongoing seasons and many other are still present. Besides these features, one of the most popular game modes in FIFA is the Ultimate Team and it also included in the 2013 version of the game. Because of that, FIFA is still the best video games in the world that is based on a sports simulation. This version of the game does not introduce any new modes but what it does is it upgrades and improves the existing modes (Career, Ultimate Team and Season).

    The most important difference between the previous installments and the 2013 version in regards to graphics. Even though there is still room for improvements, FIFA 14 is displaying big improvement when it comes to the sharpness and smoothness. Additionally, this version of FIFA includes much more details, for example, the audience is much more realistically design even though they still look like they are made of paper. Even though the graphics of 2013 version is much better than with the previous installments, it still does not fully reach the level of graphics that the competitors are using in their installments. That might not be the problem at this moment but going into the future and as the demands from the users increase the graphics that FIFA 14 is using will become old.

    Just like it was the case with the previous installments of this game, the music that was used in the game include some of the greatest hits at that time while the soundtrack fully reflects the main idea of the game itself. The improvement is also visible in regards to the commentators. There is no doubt that the commentators are equipped with the high number of football terms and phrase as it could be seen from the previous versions of the game. However, the commentators from the 2013 version are equipped with even more terms and phrases not only related to the game but also to general topics in football which is a great improvement.


    This installment of the FIFA franchise did not include any revolutionary ideas but what it did do is to introduce the improvements that will become the basis on which EA Sports will be developing their future installments. Even thought there is nothing that makes this installment a bad one, we think that EA could have done much better with this version and we think that many players will be slightly disappointed with the lack of new features and options.

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